Playa familiar


The dynamic city of Playa Honda in its south a large recreational lung resulted in the vastness of the beach Guacimeta output. Bathers live with the frenetic sport in the surrounding Avenue and the constant flow of takeoffs and landings neighbor Lanzarote airport.

The diverse puzzle sensation is enhanced by the spectacular postcard windsurfers and drawn over the Atlantic and the sosegante walk along the beach impregnated marine aroma.

Guacimeta is a huge bag of white jable located at the exit of the town of Playa Honda, at the height of Lanzarote Airport. As a city beach, especially in an area of ??buildings so concentrated, their presence along the avenue that surrounds the lung is a great entertainment. The sand that fills this space comes from broker chime, alisio through, the African continent, forming a genuine stamped between the buildings of the city and air-traffic.

La inmensidad de Guacimeta

Guacimeta not be understood without the coastal connection to Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen, in the form of promenade approximate ten kilometers, concentrated a steady stream of walkers and cyclists of all ages ... and all hours. The sports environment and access to the Atlantic give life to a city that was born as a bedroom, but today, however, is one of the most dynamic centers of Lanzarote.

El paseo marítimo que conecta Playa Honda con Puerto del Carmen

Puzzle sensations

The scourge of wind will accompany you on this day of sun and sand, in the windiest days can be combated seeking accommodation under the rocky edge of the avenue.The constancy of the trade winds advantage windsurfers with its spectacular settingover the sea outlined other identifying stamp of the place. The beach, and especially banks, invites a walk sosegante impregnated marine aroma and accompanied by the soundtrack of whistling wind.

Paseo relajante en la orilla de Guacimeta

The absolute stillness is broken by the air-traffic that comes in and out of the island (landing-takeoff), but which, however, it gives this beach a paradoxical contrast of sensations will move between the placid bathroom and decision- sun or walk while planes glad the view with the landing in slow motion, charged with verve stressful roar of the engines when they take land.

Bañistas y caminantes

The attractive boulevard Playa Honda offers the bather the opportunity to combine beach day with a rich and varied gastronomic menu. The waterfront is occupied by an extensive network of terraces Canarian and Spanish cuisine, allowing tasting a skewer or a lid, when wine and beer ...