Playa naturista

Las Conchas

Las Conchas is one of the most exotic beaches of the Canary Islands. Its location north of the island of La Graciosa islet looking at Clara Mountain, Roque del Oeste and Alegranza (other islands of the Chinijo Archipelago), gives a privileged position to enjoy an outstanding natural environment. Row chime (sand) from the Sahara (Africa) has its main gateway to Lanzarote Chinijo and precisely because of the loose cove of Las Conchas.

Sublime panorámica de la playa de Las Conchas, La Graciosa

The foliage and the excellence of the sand on this beach is well explained. They are about four meters long and an average width close to sixty meters. The contrast of white gold and blue tones chime with the Atlantic, the deep red of the neighboring Bermeja Mountain and green patches of gorse and tabaibas sprouting from the sand, rounded a scenic postcard paradise. 

Sea currents

This idyllic setting collides with the main handicap of Las Conchas: exposure to the treacherous currents of the north of the island, which determines the dip. It should delineate the bathroom a few feet offshore. If you visit La Graciosa with children, there are other more quiet beaches in the south of the island (El Salao, Francesa or Yellow Mountain). The wind blows intensely on the beach. However, although sometimes can be annoying, the reigning little air mitigates the sensation of heat with high temperatures in July and August.

La exuberante playa de Las Conchas (La Graciosa) mirando al islote de Montaña Clara

The condition of the sea and wind entrance make Las Conchas a secluded beach.There is a relaxing atmosphere that hovers their domains and seizes the swimmer: the vast enclave of Chinijo Marine Reserve, the bravery of the Atlantic, the lush wilderness of chime and funny tabaibas that dot the stage. The few daily visitors to this beach tend to nudism. 

A wonderful corner 

In the last quarter of the year, between September and December, the beach becomes a wonderful corner. In exotic figure is added the calm wind, trade wind down their strength at this time, the sky clears and the sun shines clouds solemnly.Although the picture is gentle with the sea far from its usual stamp brava, should not rely on ocean currents. With this situation, everything fits perfectly on the beach: Walk along the shore feeling the humidity of the tide, a rally of spades, kite hanging in the sky or leisurely tasting the extraordinary landscape that opens on the horizon . In these days of September and October, taking advantage of the absence of clouds, the eye can see clearly up to the enigmatic island of Alegranza, few nautical miles north of Montana Clara and the Roque del Oeste.

Pintura de la revoltosa orilla de la playa de Las Conchas, La Graciosa

Las Conchas is located on the northern tip of La Graciosa. At the other end of Caleta del Sebo, capital of the island (only stronghold inhabited Chinijo Archipelago). Access has to be on foot, through one of the main roads of the island (forty-five minutes to an hour kicking) bike (about 25 minutes) or hiring jeep service or water taxi (boat fast).The journey to Las Conchas passes through a loose rustic road devoid of illumination. One factor to keep in mind to avoid a return to accommodation dark in the middle of the island.

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