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Los Pocillos

Los Pocillos is a quintessential family beach on the Northern border of Puerto del Carmen. The conditions are spectacular: the clean sand and the calm crystal clear waters. You can either take a relaxing dip in the ocean or practice swimming.

There is a hedonistic atmosphere with people looking after their bodies in Los Pocillos. The Avenue and the ‘plaza de las naciones’ square are close by, giving this area a sporting feel which is contagious. With regard to its urbanisation it is one of the best designed tourist areas in Lanzarote.

Los Pocillos is an immense beach in Puerto del Carmen. It is 500 metres long and with an average width of about fifty metres. It is the main sunbathing area of the northern part of Puerto del Carmen, the oldest tourist area in Lanzarote. Situated next to the neighbouring beach of Matagorda, Los Pocillos is an ideal location for a family day out, although during days of strong winds it may be a little uncomfortable.

Ambiente familiar y deportivo en la playa de Los Pocillos de Puerto del Carmen en Lanzarote

With the exception of windy days, this is a spectacular beach. The clean soft sand which has a mixture of golden and whitish tones along with the calm sea is a fantastic combination. The grandeur of the Atlantic, concentrated in the South-eastern cone of Lanzarote, creates an enormous natural swimming pool where you can practice swimming or just take a relaxing dip.

Sporting Atmosphere

If you take a stroll along the Avenue in Los Pocillos and the square known as the ‘plaza de las Naciones’ which is attached to the beach, you will notice that it comes alive with people doing sporting activities. In the large open spaces you will see lots of people who are walking, riding bicycles, skating etc….With regard to its urbanisation it is one of the best designed tourist areas in Lanzarote. The sporting atmosphere contrasts with the relaxing time off on the beach. Swimmers and sportsmen and women take full advantage of the magnificent weather conditions in Puerto del Carmen and enjoy being in the open air.

Paseo por la orilla de Los Pocillos en un encantador atardecer

The location of the Los Pocillos beach guarantees sunshine. Unlike most other coves in Lanzarote, the Puerto del Carmen beaches enjoy the bright sunshine all year round. The clear light blue sky and the brilliant sunshine almost all day long make perfect conditions for dips in the sea. 

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