Playa nudista

Playa bajo el Risco

Surrounded by one of richest settings of biodiversity of flora and fauna in Lanzarote. An impressionable landscape of golden sand and a postcard view of the neighbouring islands of La Graciosa and Montaña Clara that preside over the oceanic horizon.


The idyllic setting is created by the fusion of blues, marine blue and turquoise of its waters. The sea is always calm, inviting you to take a lazy dip. The beach is difficult to access which guarantees that you will enjoy a solitary swim in the ocean.

The beach under the Famara cliffs is one of the most exotic coves in Lanzarote. An ideal setting which is enhanced by the stunning surrounding landscape: the image of La Graciosa and Montaña Clara islands on the horizon, situated in the ‘river’, the stretch of water that separates Lanzarote from the Chinijo Archipelago (the craggy islands that are situated a nautical mile from the island )

El marco idílico de la playa bajo el Risco con la atractiva panorámica de La Graciosa, pintura de Jorge Marsá

The beach stands out due to its white golden sand. The bright fusion of blues, marine blue, and turquoise that is a characteristic of the waters here, captivate your attention. The sea which is always calm, invites you to take a lazy dip. The mixture of the golden sand with the different tones of blue of the Atlantic Ocean create a lasting impression.

Las aguas cristalinas de la playa del risco

The difficult access to the beach via the ‘trail of the Gracioseros’ (people from La Graciosa), or by water taxi, guarantees you a day of solitary sunbathing and a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

In between dips in the sea

A stroll along the beach allows us to appreciate the rich biodiversity of this place. There are many different types of flora, tabaibas and veroles, and intense green indigenous plants and shrubs that contrast dramatically with the desert landscape. About two hundred metres north of the beach we can find the salt mines (Salinas del Río). Surprisingly enough though they are abandoned they continue to produce salt.

La playa y el risco de Famara


You can only access the beach under the Famara Cliffs on foot, via the trail of the Gracioseros, that begins from the village of Ye in the North of the island (it takes about one hour). Now it is also possible to access the beach by using the excursion services of the rapid motorboats from Orzola (North East of Lanzarote) or Caleta de Sebo (in La Graciosa).

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