Playa naturista

Playa Quemada: La Arena - El Pozo

These beaches in the South East of Lanzarote enjoy the best meteorology on the island. They are always sheltered from the intense Lanzarote wind thanks to the imposing presence of the Los Ajaches natural monument. In Playa Quemada you are guaranteed a wonderful swim in the immense calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The coves are infused with tranquillity and peacefulness. The mysterious black sand and the flat stones contrast with the luminous elegance of the Atlantic Ocean, the golden figures of the sand dunes in Corralejo (Fuerteventura), and the enigmatic Island of Los Lobos on the horizon.

The black sand beaches of Playa Quemada enjoy the best meteorology in Lanzarote. This South Eastern cone is sheltered by the stunning Los Ajaches natural monument, which protects it from the intense wind of Lanzarote. Everything has a calm air about it when you visit these deserted coves, starting with the entrance to the small coastal village with its white detached houses and blue or green doors that draw your attention to the tranquil sea.

Amanece en Playa Quemada, empieza a despejarse el cielo, el mar como una balsa de aceite

The Beaches

The Arena beach is the best beach in this area. Extensive and spacious, its silhouette fits perfectly between the two large crags of Los Ajaches. It is very rare that more than a dozen bathers coincide at the same time which makes your time spent here more intimate.

Caminito a la playa de La Arena

When there is low tide you can access this beach from the beach in the village known as ‘playa de callaos’ (in five minutes). Nevertheless when the tide is high you will have to go along the edge of a small cliff via a winding path which may be full of grazing goats from Femés. It takes about 15 minutes to go up and down this track. 

Callaos, arena negra, el mar

The beach known as ‘El Pozo’ is located about three kilometres more to the South, you can reach it by climbing other small cliffs via more winding paths (it will take you approximately between 30-40)

Fresh Fish


Combining a dip in the sea at the Arena beach or El Pozo beach with a lunch of fish, seafood and an excellent rice dish completes your excursion. Eating outside on any of the pretty terraces with unbeatable views makes the food taste even more delicious.

A los pies del pueblo: el aroma a pescadito fresco invita a un asalto gastronómico en primera línea de mar