Playa naturista

Playas de Papagayo

Exotic beaches of unblemished golden sand, contrasting with the beautiful blue tones of the ocean. The coves are immersed in an extensive magical natural environment thanks to the extraordinary panoramic view of the calm Atlantic Ocean and the silhouettes of the Island of Lobos and the sand dunes in Corralejo (Fuerteventura)


The peace and tranquillity of the area is more intensive during the early hours of the morning and children can play happily in the vast open spaces. You will have time to leave your footprints on the seashore, to languidly contemplate the landscape or to enjoy continuous dips in the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean

Situated next to Timanfaya the Papagayo Beaches reaffirm the distinctive stamp of Lanzarote as a tourist destination. The small coves cover a strip of land of approximately eight kilometres of the barren plains of Los Ajaches, a natural monument. It is surprising to suddenly arrive at this breathtaking scenery of sea and sand after crossing such a desolate landscape that is more fitting to a scene from a western shot in Almeria, the only thing that is missing is Clint Eastwood.

Paradisíaca fotografía de la linea de calas de Papagayo

Papagayo is a collection of clean perfect beaches with golden white sand that are very alluring. Its spacious coves are dispersed along the whole of the coast between small hills, and with the beautiful blue tones of the pacific tide as the special relaxing horizon.

Playas de Papagayo, pintura de Jorge Marsá

On clear days the panoramic view extends to the island of Lobos and the sand dunes in Correlejo (Fuerteventura) which is the icing on the cake for such a fantastic landscape.

The Papagayo beaches are divided into four main bathing areas: Playa Mujeres, El Pozo,  Playas de Papagayo and Caleta de Congrio. You can discover Papagayo by walking along its shoreline, allowing yourself to be rocked by the gentle murmur of the tide during your pleasant stroll. Its waters are ideal for a dip, a swim in the middle of the Atlantic and a leisurely sunbathe after your swim will rid you of any stress. The only thing you can hear is the overwhelming silence that inundates this special place.

A day of sun and sand

The chilled out atmosphere intensifies at dawn and integrates with the vast open space where children can play and enjoy themselves. The selection of beaches in Papagayo, situated between El Pozo and the Caleta de Congrio, offer a chance to have lunch in Papagayo avoiding having to return to Playa Blanca: On the western side of this fantastic small bay you will find the only the only cement construction in this area of natural beauty, a small restaurant with sea views where you can enjoy canarian potatoes ‘papas arrugadas’, octopus and finish off with a grilled fish platter or seafood paella.


Things to bear in mind

You can access Papagayo on foot via a track to the east of the township line of Playa Blanca. The footpath from this point to the first small cove will take you about half an hour (see the track). You can also enter Papagayo in your own car via a dirt track. If you choose to enter in your own car it will cost you three euros per vehicle (see the route).

El mar siempre en calma, cobijados por el viento y el perfil exótico de las playas de Papagayo

The exotic nature of Papagayo can overwhelm those who choose to bathe there: it is a time to leave your footprints on the seashore, to languidly contemplate the landscape or to submerge yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


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