Playa nudista

Barranco del Quíquere

One of the most outstanding nudist spots in Lanzarote. Sheltered by a rocky cliff, a good place for a tranquil swim. The profile of the volcano contrasts with the powerful blue sea and the magnificent views of Fuerteventura and Lobos.

A dip in Quíquere lets you enjoy one of the most exquisite seabeds, one of the favourite spots of scuba divers. With snorkelling equipment you can combine a nudist sunbathing session and contemplate the submarine beauty.

Puerto del Carmen has one of the most intimate nudist spots in Lanzarote, Barranco de Quíquere. An excellent group of small natural coves of volcanic stone located about two kilometres south of the fishing area known as La Tiñosa. The sheltered tourist nucleus enjoys an enviable climate. The pleasant weather conditions are intensified even more in the area known as Quíquere, thanks to the cliffs which provide shelter to the nudist coves creating an extremely enjoyable atmosphere. This is complimented by the surrounding landscape: the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura and Los Lobos on the horizon and the natural monument of Los Ajaches which dominates the south-eastern cone of Lanzarote.

Pintura del Barranco del Quíquere (por Jorge Marsá)

The small cliff which you have to descend via the zig zag steps to reach the small pools of seawater is about fifteen metres. It isn’t hard to find, about fifty metres from the car park area, next to some very large houses on the seafront. Once you have reached the small coves you will see that there is a light breeze which provides minimal relief from the heat therefore inviting you to take continual dips in the immense ocean that are you are right next to.

The quality of the seabed in the Barranco de Quíquere is excellent due to the different tones of blue that really stand out and is a popular place for scuba divers. Make the most of your swim with a snorkel to contemplate the rich biodiversity of the seabed. The Atlantic Ocean in this latitude is always calm (except for the few days of the year when there is rough weather coming from the South.) Diving into the sea is easy, but returning to the cove is more complicated. It is worthwhile to make sure you have a good path that is free from sea urchins and provides some support so that you do not need adequate footwear.

Chapuzón nudista en las exquisitas aguas del Barranco del Quíquere, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

There are no sunbeds or sunshades just the stones and rocks so enjoy this natural space. The volcanic stones and their different shapes provide various nooks and crannies where you can make yourself comfortable for a day of sun and sea. You will however have to reserve your space with a towel. Barranco de Quíquere has become an exclusive nudist spot that is relatively private. It is like this for almost all of the year, except for the months of July and August when it becomes inundated with nudists. During this time of year the best time to enjoy the cove is first thing in the morning and when the sun begins to go down, around half past six in the afternoon.

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