Playa nudista

Charco del Palo

Hidden in the bay, in an environment of white chime dotted with wild vegetation, the bather will find a paradisiacal natural pools. The coves are tiny and walking nude people Charco del Palo.

Around the pools there are circular bedsites natural stone that limit the influence of wind on the beach day.Since these caches may be given to contemplative delight of the sea horizon.A parsimonious atmosphere. The silence only broken when the sea's fury abate the rocky coast.

Charco del Palo is a nudist area on the northeast coast of Lanzarote. When approaching the valley cactus Mala, nothing portends that upon reaching the bay tripping over a naked couple in their sixties, with the bread bag in tow back to the roof of their apartment to continue basking in the sun. El Charco del Palo rose around bravo northern coastline. The complex sits on a stretch of white chime dotted with wild vegetation. A seemingly desert scenery that hides these Paradise natural pools.

Nudist natural pool of Charco del Palo

Do not risk in Charco del Palo tide to get into any of its cliffs. The bravery of the Atlantic Ocean in this area should limit the dip to the three areas of insurance bathrooms: two large natural pools, south and north of the village, and a kind of Muellito with stairs in a rock band in its middle. The three bays ensure a naturist experience without unnecessary risks.

The brave coast of Charco del Palo

The bedsites, pools, beach volleyball

From the village chime walk to the pools there is a difference of about ten meters. On the way bedsites identify a natural stone. Its frame is ideal because it limits the influence of wind on the beach day. Circular and one meter in diameter chime, the stones reach two feet in height, allowing the seizure of sunshine in peace. Since these caches nude delivered to natural delight, watching the sky and the sea horizon.Occasionally jumps to the swimming pool, take a refreshing dip.

Painting Nude Creek Charco del Palo Lanzarote

The relaxing atmosphere of Charco del Palo altered only with the fury of the sea coast abate. The regular at this northern Lanzarote Creek is usually a Nordic retired. People between 50 and 70 who are fleeing European cold and are free of the naturist put into this corner. Parsimony is the norm. Time passes slowly immersed in sunbathing and reading. If should be qualified in any activity, on the north pool we found a beach volleyball court and a bounded for practicing beach bocce space.

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