Playa familiar

El Ancla

Small but charming cove of Costa Teguise. It benefits from an enviable location, which keeps it safe from the traditional Lanzarote wind. The best swimming area far from the tourist center. Ideal for swimming in a vast lagoon and very safe to be with children.

The sea, always calm, stands out for its captivating seabed lush combination of colors, from deep blue to turquoise light.The picture contrasts perfectly with white toasted chime and Anchor.

The best beach in Costa Teguise quite difference. In only forty meters long, El Ancla, Lanzarote known as King's Beach (neighboring Spanish Creek royal residence of La Mareta), is an area of enviable bathroom. Even in the windiest days, its strategic location allows a dip at any time of year. The beach is hidden and sheltered by a paved back about ten meters high.

Panorámica de la playa de El Ancla, Costa Teguise

The sea looks good by its captivating seabed. Noted for its clean and lush combination of colors, from deep blue to turquoise light. The waters remain calm, protected from the sea currents by a natural stone barriers located in the horizon, about thirty meters. The space is perfect for swim practice swimming. The serenity of the tide can also be on the beach with ease, while the children are delivered to their games on the shore. Postcard rounded cove with a golden tan chime and intensive.

Pintura de Jorge Marsá, playa de El Ancla, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Too bad this coastal area is so small. The width of the cove with empty tide is ten meters long. Although summer evenings the beach is packed, we find some peace in the rocky side. However, the best time to enjoy this cove is between ten and eleven in the morning, when has not yet been flooded with bathers.

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