Cala familiar

El Caletón Blanco

Small cove of white sand, sandwiched between the spectacular volcanic badlands mantle of Corona and shallow puddles of beautiful blue tones. An atmosphere of extreme tranquility breathe despite the roaring ocean and the trade winds whistle.

The beautiful picture of the beach is enhanced by an environmental frame height: migratory birds flying over the sky, the dunes that line the streams of lava and cabosos and burgaos fluttering in puddles of Caletón Blanco.

El Caletón Blanco is coastline Creek Natural Monument of Corona Volcano, near the fishing village of Orzola. The little beach jable impresses with its fine, intense white color, which plays with the giant blanket of volcanic badlands. Already in the Atlantic, volcanic lava flows into the sea are forming an attractive ponds, shallow, its waters remain calm, in contrast to the bravery of the ocean north of Lanzarote.

El Caletón Blanco, pintura de Jorge Marsá

Taken together, the landscape dazzles stamp that impossible pot chime, volcanic badlands colonized by lichen (green floret gushing lava), vegetation shaped tabaibas verodes and dotting the sand carpet and exotic hues piscinitas of blue.

Los charcos del Caletón Blanco son de baja profundidad y sus aguas siempre están en calma

The aesthetics of the place adds its environmental wealth, and who opens her breast valuable coastal ecosystems such as salt marshes and dunes, while the puddles flutter and burgaos species like the cabosos, shrimp, crabs are embedded and hedgehogs. Flying over the sky and on the Atlantic shore is common to see different birds, who find in this green corner an ideal place to rest on their migratory routes. In this sense, the Caletón Blanco is an excellent platform to match a beach day with an educational and fun day for the little ones in the house.

El Caletón Blanco es un rico ecosistema con saladares y dunas


The Lanzarote Northeast suffers almost all year adverse weather, especially conditioned by its high exposure to wind. Conventional wisdom puts remedy the trade winds with the proliferation of small holes of circular shape, built with volcanic stone, which rest on the chime. The location of Caletón Blanco, immersed in the foothills of Corona, limits the incidence of the wind, making it possible to stay in the cove even in the windiest days.

El jable blanco rodeado de malpaís y los charcos de bellos tonos azules

If the walk along this beach is pleasant, that feeling adrift in sublime in days of extreme heat or a timid presence of wind (10-15 knots, consult windguru). In those circumstances, coinciding with the last quarter of the year (September to December), the dip in the Caletón Blanco is unmatched by suffocating mass beaches of Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

It is surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, facing post as diverse as the ghostly silhouette of Pedro Barba (La Graciosa), the disturbing Roque del Este that emerges from the depths of the Atlantic and Punta Fariones, a ridge of impossible shapes that sets limits northeast Lanzarote and opens a window to a new world: Archipiélago Chinijo.

Las tabaibas salpican el manto de jable y malpaís

With or without wind, with or without bathing suit, Northern route Lanzarote should not miss the experience of stepping over the mantle of white chime of this cove. The tourist experience after visiting Jameos del AguaCueva de Los Verdes or Mirador del Río is enhanced significantly.