Cala familiar

La cueva de doña Juana

Situated in an idyllic setting, sheltered by the impressive gardens of the Fariones Hotel, the beach exudes tranquillity. Its golden toasted sand is extremely well maintained. The situation of the beach means that you are sheltered from the wind and the sea is always calm. Excellent conditions for a relaxing dip or a swim in the ocean.

Doña Juanas Cave, better known as ‘the hotel beach’ is one of the most charming spots in Puerto del Carmen. Its very small, barely 40 metres, but very pretty thanks to the magnificent surroundings. The cove is sheltered by the majestic gardens of the Fariones Hotel. The sand is clean and golden and the sea remains calm due to the orientation of the beach which is south east facing and therefore sheltered from the Northern winds of Lanzarote.

La cueva de doña Juana y el hotel Los Fariones, una pintura de Jorge Marsá

In spite of the access to the beach being a bit difficult, you have to cut through a path of volcanic stones, it is worth the slight discomfort to arrive because a day of sun and sand in Doña Juanas Cave is pure tranquillity and relaxation. The cove is not very spacious, when the tide is high it is only about twenty metres wide, however you never get the feeling of it being overcrowded. There is always enough space for the children to play games and run around and the calm sea allows the adults to enjoy the beach without having to worry about their little ones.



Panorámica de la playita del hotel Fariones a finales de julio de 2013

The great weather conditions in Puerto del Carmen make this beach even more appealing, a clear blue sky, the glorious sunshine and no wind encourages you to take constant dips in the water, stroll along the shore or have a relaxing sunbathing session. 

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