Cala familiar

La Peñita

In La Peñita you can enjoy the silence, broken only by the breaking suggestive of ripples on the shore. Of the different options dip between the beach of Los Pocillos and Playa Grande, neighboring coves to exclusive terraces Dreams La Ola and they stand as the best.

The naturist part of offshore volcanic rock with intense roasted sheet chime in harmony, creating a cozy atmosphere.The aleñadas buildings, away from cloud, providing permanent shelter to facilitate a peaceful bath even in the windy days.

Hidden in the foothills of the dynamics Avenue Beaches Puerto del Carmen, the coves of La Peñita provide a relaxing counterpoint to the bustle of shopping and bustle of the boulevard. The tiny creeks that connect the north and south with large tourist resort beaches, Playa Blanca and Los Pocillos respectively, are separated by rows of volcanic rock, including the cozy sheets of roasted accommodate chime.
Las calitas de La Peñita, Puerto del Carmen
The intimate feel of staying in these coves is increased by the shelter house chain that colonized the coast of Puerto del Carmen. Far from subtracting charm, these buildings provide a pleasant swim even in the windiest days. Also, the small beaches enjoy a privilege over crowded bathing areas: something as precious as the silence, broken only by the breaking suggestive of ripples on the edge of the creeks.
Aguas en calma, baño plácido
Around La Ola and Dreams
Coves line finds its most exclusive space around the terraces La Ola and Dreams.Two enviable enclaves literally settled on the sea, which have direct access to the small beaches. Summer furniture these terraces, modern and comfortable, stands in alternative area for sunbathing and take regular dips.
La cala junto a la terraza Dreams
Upon learning of the distinction of the day on the beach in La Peñita, the climate sosegante breaks in some periods of the year, especially in the tourism August.Therefore, in the summer and if I wanted a leisurely swim guaranteed, it is best to opt for the morning or well into the evening. Under these conditions, body and mind are delivered to the Atlantic in continuous and generous rounds of the sea. Sun, calm, quiet...La Peñita.

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