Cala naturista

Montaña Amarilla-La Cocina

Its golden sand and the stillness of the water make it a paradisiacal place: the blue tones of the sea contrast with the desert like valley and the variation of colours and tones of the mountain, yellow, ochre and a deep red.

The calm sea allows you to have a relaxing dip near to the shore or have a swim in the deeper waters. 

The pretty Montaña Amarilla (south west of La Graciosa) provides shelter to an exotic bathing area known as La Cocina. With its golden sand, the small beach stands out due to its unbeatable location, sheltered from the north wind of Lanzarote.

Montaña Amarilla, La Graciosa, Archipiélago Chinijo

The waters of this small beach are very alluring: the many blue tones glisten on the surface of the sea and merge with the glittering golden sand of the seabed. This small beach is not only sheltered by the Montaña Amarilla but also protected by rows of natural stone which guarantee the permanent calmness of the sea.

A dip in the waters of Montaña Amarilla brings you closer to the natural surroundings. The time spent on the beach is extremely relaxing, with a fabulous landscape as a backdrop it provides a gratifying disconnection from your daily routine. Only a few small boats loitering off shore remind you of the world outside of this special place. The shallow transparent waters allow you to adapt your bathing to the slow unhurried rhythm of the day.

La cala de Montaña Amarilla, al suoeste de La Graciosa, Archipiélago Chinijo 

A tranquil dip in the ocean

The resounding silence that inundates this place becomes even more apparent when you plunge into the tide. There is no wind in Montaña Amarilla, the trade winds pass about 150 metres above the mountain, and the mounds of sand and gorse also shelter the beach.

The dry and barren wasteland contrasts with the imposing beauty of Montaña Amarilla, a huge rock that has been eroded by the tide, its intense yellow colour superimposed with the red and ochre tones are a sight to behold.

Las paradisiacas aguas de Montaña Amarilla, suoeste de La Graciosa

Montaña Amarilla is situated to the south west of La Graciosa. About one hours walk from the main town of the island which is the only inhabited area of the small archipelago. The coastal path crosses the ‘El Salao’ cove and the impressive beach known as ‘Playa Francesa’ which means you can have various dips in the Atlantic along the way.

As it is a long way from the supermarkets in the village it’s highly recommended that you take water and provisions and a change of clothes for the return journey. Another option is to get there by bicycle which takes about half an hour.