Cultural spaces

2016 Jameos Festival
Puerto del Carmen
Conocer Arrecife
Restaurante Lilium, Marina Lanzarote
Restaurante El Risco, La Caleta de Famara

Fundación César Manrique

What was once the residency of César Manrique is now a powerful example of art combined with nature found between volcanic lava bubbles, which pays tribute to the traditional architecture of Lanzarote.


Museo del Vino El Grifo

The oldest bodega in the Canary Islands, it preserves winemaking equipment from the XIX and XX Centuries. The visit includes a wine tasting.


Centro de Visitantes e Interpretación de Mancha Blanca

A scientific look that interprets the volcanic phenomenon of Lanzarote. It is an ideal complement to the visit to the National Park of Timanfaya.


Museo de la Piratería

Century castle which formed an impregnable refuge from pirate attacks at the time. The show hosts various materials that recreates the piratical universe.


Museo Agrícola El Patio

A cultural tour in the mansion Patio linked to traditional farming activities of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The visit is rounded with a good wine Malvasia.


Casa de la Cultura Benito Pérez Armas

The large white house in Yaiza stands out due to its spotless white colour which contrasts with the subtle green shades of the doorways, windows and wooden pergolas.


Casa-Museo César Manrique

The House-Museum functions as a cultural space where all the different aspects of Manriques works, art combined with nature, are embraced.


Museo Tanit

The house on which this cultural space sits oozes history, from bygone times when the Lanzarote struggled against a hostile territory broken by the eruptions.


Bodegas La Florida

A walk through cracks and volcanic ash to appreciate the ingenious system of vine cultivation in Lanzarote, learn to cut grapes, crushing and receive massage and taste Malvasia.


El Museo de Historia de Arrecife

A simple time line for the volcanic birth of Lanzarote, the first human settlements, the Spanish conquest, the transformation of the island after the outbreak of Timanfaya...