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Casa-Museo César Manrique

Surrounded by the magnificent palm grove of Haría, the House-Museum of César Manrique (the home of the Artist) condenses the principal values of this famous Lanzarote creators theme of art combined with nature. The most prominent, a building that is camouflaged with the natural environment, with different corners to contemplate the valleys and the palm trees that shelter this Northern village.


In the cultural space you will also find a replica of the traditional characteristics of Lanzarote architecture, that Manrique commended, in his excellent taste for decoration. The surprising encounter with the terrace-swimming pool of the house is the most special moment of the visit. 

Since the death of César Manrique in 1992, Lanzarote has missed his artistic interventions of art combined with nature and it seemed impossible to hope for another sensory experience in fitting with his artistic genius. In 2013, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of his death and a quarter of a century since the César Manrique Foundation was formed, the entity which keeps the spirit of the Lanzarote creator alive, opened in August of 2013 the House-Museumof César Manrique in Haría.

Exterior de la Casa-Museo de César Manrique

The Manrique Universe

The House-Museum functions as a cultural space where all the different aspects of Manriques works, art combined with nature, are embraced. There is the garden which sits on volcanic ash and has abundant vegetation, cactus and natural plants and flowers, guarded over by the noble palm trees. The naturalist environment, true to the obsession of Manrique, can be noticed in various rooms of the house, such as the reception area converted into a resting place or the light filled interior bathroom with views of the palm grove and the valleys that shelter Haría.

Terraza-Piscina de la Casa-Museo de Manrique en Haría

Lanzarote Architecture

A visit to the House-Museum in Haría reveals what Cesár Manriques day to day life was like in his workshop next to his home, surrounded by colour pigments, tables with drawings, easels and unfinished paintings that are just how he left them when he died.

La edificación homenajea a la arquitectura popular de Lanzarote



Everyday from 10:30 to 18:00 (except each January 1th).

Tickets: 10 

Niños hasta 12 años: 1 

Combinado dos entradas, Casa-Museo (Haría) + Fundación César Manrique (Tahíche): 15 

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