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El Museo de Historia de Arrecife

The visit from the halls and rooms of the old cobblestones have a solemn point.The Museum is right to distinguish thematic different times in the history of Arrecife and Lanzarote. You can get closer to the major milestones in various aspects: the volcanic origin of the island, the first settlers and the Spanish conquest, man's struggle with hostile territory...

There are intimate space with the building itself, the importance of these fortresses to defend the island from pirate attacks. The ascent to the square of the castle brings a spectacular view of the marina arrecifeña, one of the richest biodiversity bays in the Canary Islands.

Difficult to find a better setting for exploring the history of Arrecife and Lanzarote. The Castillo de San Gabriel is the protagonist of one of the historic leaves the island, in exercising lookout to frequent pirate attacks in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Its cobbled rooms house a simple itinerary that explains the volcanic birth of Lanzarote, the first human settlements, the Spanish conquest, the transformation of the island after the outbreak of Timanfaya...

The Castillo de San Gabriel

The recent opening of the Museum of History of Arrecife has boosted this prime coastal strip of Lanzarote's capital, including the beloved access through the Bridge of the balls and a marvelous view of the bay arrecifeña.

The fort of San Gabriel

The countryside and the sea

The cultural space addresses the economic vagaries of Lanzarote, always conditioned by the condition of the territory and the ability of its people to adapt to the hostilities. The museum is supported by thematic panels and a few exhibitors to account for the biodiversity of the island, the cultivation of orchilla, the relationship with the sea and the Saharan bank and fisheries industrialization process: at the same time to five canneries came to live in Arrecife trying sardines.

Panels and Displays History Museum of Arrecife

The visit is a solemn point. The castle is small but imposes move inside because the scourge of the sea and the wind outside has resulted in absolute silence between the corridors and main rooms. The orderly path through the milestones of the island happens on the ground floor of the fortress. A narrow stone staircase takes you to the parade ground or roof.

Spotting pirates

From the parade the watchman was attentive to the Atlantic Ocean by the continuous attacks of African pirates. When you spot them off the coasts arrecifeñas it warned the people with repiqueo bell. Pay attention that some cannon pointing to the city and it is no coincidence.

Panoramic Navy Arrecife from the square of the Castle of San Gabriel

Open to the Atlantic horizon but also the capital marina, the parade formed a privileged place to marvel at the marina stamp and cobblestone roads about the castle bridge.

Audiovisual room located on the roof of the fort

In a corner of the roof a small shelter, qualified as audiovisual room where historical videos of Lanzarote, some images in super 8 voiceover reminiscent Node, which delve into the history of Castillo own project is located San Gabriel.

Please note

The success of the museum. Despite its short history (it opened in late 2014), the Museum of History of Arrecife has a high volume of visitors and space dimensions are small. Are two factors to consider in turn coinciding with the opening hours (10:00 am). Our last foray was at that time and the experience was richer.

Watch your head. The hallways are narrow and some stone gates will have to lower his head.

Wind. In the parade reaches the wind strength and proximity to the sea makes it convenient to get something warm.

English. Right now the English public only has a brochure explaining the visit. In brief the new technologies will be incorporated into the panels and displays for mobile by and sign pointing to the English, tourists can read this content in your language.

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