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Fundación César Manrique

The former residency of César Manrique sums up his expressive art-nature characteristics and where the traditional architecture of Lanzarote occupies a strategic place.

The interior of the building is a rambling space with ample rooms that also serve as exhibition spaces with pieces of contemporary art and curious sketches of some of Manriques artistic contribution to art-nature. You will be able to walk amongst the volcanic lava bubbles and the spectacular garden and swimming pool on the hillside of the Tahiche volcano.

What was once the residency of César Manrique encapsulates a setting integrated between volcanic lava flow, an attractive example of art combined with nature, whilst at the same time paying tribute to the traditional architecture of Lanzarote.

Jardines exteriores de la Fundación César Manrique y el juguete del viento

A visit to the César Manrique Foundation is a contemplative experience, from the moment you enter and you access the well maintained gardens with indigenous vegetation and the imposing palm trees. As you walk through this cultural centre there are many decorative elements spread around that were created by Manrique such as the murals and the small wind mobiles.

Buganvilla en la Fundación César Manrique, una pintura de Jorge Marsá 

However the distinguishing factor is found in the interior of this charming building. A spacious labyrinth with large rooms that act as display areas for exhibits and are connected to the subterranean part of César Manriques old house located between volcanic lava bubbles. The top floor houses the private art collection of Manrique and a sample of his art-nature sketches.

The volcanic bubbles

After completing the first part of the visit, you can access the volcanic lava bubbles. Walking along the narrow passages joining the three volcanic bubbles is in itself a major sensory adventure. The tourist is left speechless by the transformation of the bubbles into elegant rooms, whilst at the same time the background music makes you feel at one with the natural environment.

Burbuja volcánica de la Fundación César Manrique, Tahíche, Lanzarote

The artistic stamp of Manrique can is summed up by a tree that runs through the volcanic bubbles searching for the sky, or by the swimming pool with its volcanic aroma that appears between the cluster of trees and the traditional flowers.

Visiting the César Manrique Foundation

The César Manrique Foundation is another tourist centre on the island, although it doesn’t have the same amount of visitors as Timanfaya or the Jameos del Agua (nor does it expect to). However from Monday to Friday there are a lot of visitors, so to truly enjoy the experience a visit on Saturday or Sunday and if possible in the afternoon is recommended. The tranquillity and the silence of this special place enhance the visit.

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