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Museo de la Piratería

Located high in the mountain of Guanapay (Teguise), strength reflects the historical sense of the construction of the fifteenth century: instead of monitoring and refuge of the local population against the frequent pirate attacks of the period. From the top of the castle panorama of the coast of Lanzarote is unbeatable.

The sample makes use of new technologies to facilitate understanding entertaining pirate world: comics, small sculptures and audiovisual rooms that emphasize his adventurous and transgressive nature. Pistols, swords and guns are played. Special attention is devoted to the most emblematic figures of the Canary piracy.

The Museum of Piracy del Castillo de Santa Bárbara de Teguise reflects the historical sense of its construction. The strength of the fifteenth century formed an impregnable refuge from the pirate attacks of the time ( more historical details ).Guanapay mountain in whose top the robust building sits, has an excellent strategic location. The role it played in whale boats invasive means. From the top of the castle dominates the whole island, with special emphasis on coastal areas north and south of Lanzarote.

Guanapay Castle, a painting of George Marsa

The piratical show, which opened in March 2011, fits better than the old fortress exhibition dedicated to the Canarian emigration. The new museum has used the latest technology to bring visitors to piratical universe in a fun and educational way.Comics, small sculptures and audiovisual rooms emphasize the adventurous and transgressive pirate character who committed misdeeds and major legends that circulate beyond the seas.

Hall inside the Castle of Santa Bárbara in Teguise dedicated to Piracy

"Pirates are coming!"

The Piracy Museum occupies all rooms on the ground floor of the castle. Among the various departments of natural stone fort find information panels, displays, models and animated sheets that outline the attacks by Barbary corsairs more historical role.Of the various assets of the exhibition highlights the hall of weapons. Pistols, swords and guns pirates are played. But a model of a Spanish galleon with 106 cannons, which highlights the importance of equipping a good ship ahead of defending the dreaded approach is also included.

Spanish galleon with 106 guns

There is a corner dedicated to the most emblematic figures of the Canary piracy, although the museum hosts a more universal perspective extending attention to the great pirates in history as John Hawkins, Francis Drake and Robert Blake. The relationship-building castles piracy is reflected in the history and motivation behind the construction of the four existing strengths in Lanzarote: the Castle of Santa Barbara, the arrecifeños of San Jose and San Gabriel and the tower of Eagle in Playa Blanca. A so-called "That the pirates coming!" the population found refuge and protection in these strengths.

Outside the Castillo de Santa Barbara, Teguise, Lanzarote

The exit to the outside of the castle gives visitors the feeling of lookout. It is easy to get into the skin of soldier with watch. To the south you will see clearly the Atlantic to the neighboring island of Fuerteventura and the golden beaches of Corralejo. To the north, in the various turrets, contemplate the north side of the ocean with the enigmatic presence of Yellow Mountain (La Graciosa), Montaña Clara and Alegranza, islets of the Chinijo Archipelago.

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