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Museo del Vino El Grifo

There are old winemaking instruments and tools on show which the house still preserves. Comparing this to the technology of today the visitor will begin to understand the sacrifices that were made in order to overcome the adversities and produce a worthy malvasía wine with a volcanic aroma.

The exposition is divided among the different rooms of the El Grifo house. The building itself is worthy of contemplation due to its architectural heritage. The entrance fee includes a visit to the wine tasting room where you can sample the marvellous wines from the oldest bodega in the Canary Islands.

The oldest bodega in the Canary Islands, it is located in the volcanic valley of El Islote, in the geographic centre of the island, only a short distance from the Monumento al Campesino. The cultural aspect is concentrated in the rooms of the large El Grifo house that dates from 1775. The building in itself is worthy of contemplation, as it represents the principal values of popular architecture.

Las bodegas El Grifo: Pintura de Jorge Marsá

Finding more about the historic material of El Grifo becomes a surprising journey through time. You will begin to understand how the wine growers made sacrifices in order to overcome the difficulties they encountered to obtain the malvasía (type of grape) with a volcanic aroma. The exhibition shows you the winemaking equipment that has been preserved since the XIX and XX Centuries.

Sala principal del museo del Vino El Grifo, Lugar de El Grifo, Lanzarote

Only a Century?

The old wine press, the farming tools, the pack of measuring instruments and a workshop where the barrels were made, makes up the historic collection of El Grifo. The various exhibition pieces as a whole show what colossal advances were made during these two centuries. When you compare this to the actual technology of today they resemble Pleistocene archaeological remains.

Sala de barricas del museo El Vino El Grifo

It will surprise you that they were able to produce such a worthy wine with these old relics. From all the different rooms visited, the visitor will have a special memory of the workshop where the barrels were made. A small corner in the upper part of the winery, which was built with care by Rafael Corujo de León in 1979. The traditional handcrafted barrels are made with patience and used to store and mature the wine.

The vineyards and the wine tasting room

The visit to the Museum is complimented by a look at the vineyards. The cultivated surface area is approximately 40 hectares and forms a landscape that is of inestimable value. It is a breathtaking sight to look out on to the immense mantle of volcanic ash and infinite rows of stones. The lay out of the land is for a reason: the semicircular constructions of volcanic rocks protect the vines from the strong trade winds but at the same time, due to the porosity of the rocks, the grapevines do not dry out. Therefore the
grapes do not die in the hot temperatures.

Cuarenta hectáras de vid componen los viñedos de El Grifo

The historic journey concludes on returning to the traditional large house. The wine tasting room is divided into three parts (two of them are open air), and here you can sample the marvellous wines from El Grifo. Our preferred wine is the dry malvasía and a white champagne flavoured wine which is also worth a mention. The wine tasting is accompanied by a cheese and biscuit board.

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