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Museo Tanit

The tortuous day of peasant Lanzarote is the itinerary of Tanit Ethnographic Museum, where the winery and winery, farming tools and fishing and, among other assets, the signs of popular ingenuity against the constant drought keeps fit cistern and destiladera.

Another intrinsic value to the cultural visit comes from the architectural value of the dilapidated building, dating from 1735, whose rooms are enriched by the exposure of a huge number of objects that accurately reflects the pulse tense dramatic overtones between man and earth .

There is a scent of malvasia accompanying stays while touring the Ethnographic Museum Tanit. The detail in the cellar keeping wines in barrels visit contextualized in real situation. The house on which this cultural space sits oozes history, from bygone times when the Lanzarote struggled against a hostile territory, broken by volcanic eruptions and exposed to harsh weather conditions. Tanit recreating that world, using a wealth of objects and tools that accurately reflects the pulse of dramatic overtones between man and earth.

Utensilios de labranza del universo etnográfico de Lanzarote

Under these assumptions, the farmer and his circumstances starring an ethnographic journey that covers the tasks of farming, religious worship and most representative cultural events. The collection leaves no space unfilled: they are the cellar and winery, different exhibitors with agricultural tools, useful for fisheries, folk costumes, rosettes and handmade ceramics world ... However, so Parallel visitors can get an idea of ??everyday life of Lanzarote very old house. Destiladera the tank and that exemplify the popular talent against the constant droughts remain.

El campesino y su momento de ocio folclórico

Vernacular Architecture

The cultural tour has another component of undoubted interest from the architectural richness of the old house, which dates from 1735. Settled in the heart of St. Bartholomew, the central town of Lanzarote, the building draws on the essence of the island heritage: Large wooden doors and windows, structural support of the volcanic rock, typical Canarian patio that connects to the garden, the gracious picture of the chapel ... Among other assets it should be noted bedroom conservation of the day, cot and cot Wooden stay including a high ceiling topped with hardwood.

La casa en que se asienta Tanit representa otro componente de interés cultural

However, the Tanit Museum forms one of the most powerful examples of the cultural universe of Lanzarote, whose collection at times overwhelmed by the infinite number of objects, but essentially does the job of writing a time when the native away of living nature had to combartirla an ingenious exercise in constant adaptation.