Bed & breackfastBetween 105 and 130 euros.
Half pensionBetween 150 and 180 euros.
Add.C/ Roque del Este, 1
Puerto del Carmen
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Hotel Los Fariones

Its unbeatable location sets this hotel apart as one of the most outstanding in Lanzarote. At the foot of the bay of Puerto del Carmen and sheltered from the wind with special access to the charming Doña Juana cove, makes the accommodation an oasis of relaxation and comfort.

The gastronomy, based on a rich Mediterranean diet, has to be highlighted however the stunning surroundings make you tend to forget about what you are eating. A fantastic dining room and a spectacular open air terrace transform having breakfast or dinner into a very special moment. The rooms reflect the passing of time, they are practically intact since the hotel was opened in 1966, but they do however still have a charm about them thanks to the sea views from the terrace.  

Note: Hotel Fariones closed its doors for remodeling works on November 29, 2016.

The Fariones Hotel opened its doors to the tourism of Puerto Del Carmen in 1966. After more than four decades and an endless number of more modern hotels that have entered into the market, this accommodation manages to maintain its profile of one of the most charming hotels in the southern locality. It is the privileged location next to the sea and sheltered from the wind and with special access to the welcoming cove of Doña Juana that sets the Fariones Hotel apart as one of the most outstanding hotels in Lanzarote.

Fariones Hotel, Lanzarote Accommodation

The location is complimented by a pretty landscaped garden area with indigenous vegetation that surrounds both the heated swimming pool and a small cold water pool. The garden area extends up to the double solarium which has a sea view, one of them is found in the main entrance to the beach and the other is raised about 2 metres above the sea and with access to the hotels quay.

The terraces, equipped with modern beach furniture, create a relaxing atmosphere, making the most of its almost total isolation, allow you to bathe alone after breakfast or have the last quick dip in the evening and become absorbed by the sunset.

Fariones Hotel, Lanzarote Accommodation


This permanent tranquillity that surrounds the hotel is a contrast to the multiple leisure opportunities that are close by. Only a minute away from the lively Avenida de las Playas and its nocturnal timetable, just a stones throw away from the large beach of Puerto del Carmen (Playa Grande), next door to the Centro Deportivo Fariones (Fariones Sports Centre) with its magnificent installations specialising in racquet sports (padel, tennis…), and only a tranquil five minute walk to the traditional centre, La Tiñosa, and its fishing port. The location of the Fariones Hotel is perfect to combine relaxation and sport, gastronomy or nightlife.

The hotel rooms reflect the passing of time but at the same time they maintain their charm due to the terraces that have views of the sea, the garden, the hotels small beach and the main large beach (Playa Grande). The accommodation is comfortable and functional, and free from noisy disturbances. The communication between the rooms and the communal areas of the hotel are excellent.

Fariones Hotel, Lanzarote Accommodation

The gastronomic level of the hotel buffet has to be highlighted. The produce from the Finca de Uga and the Stratvs bodega, cheeses and wines from Lanzarote, are found on the menu. Furthermore if the culinary foundations stand out, then the dining room setting is incomparable: a luxurious room with sea views and a sublime romantic terrace above the garden that looks toward the small beach, that makes the moment of just having breakfast or dinner into a special occasion and is one of the distinguishing features of the hotel.

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