Category5 star luxury hotels.
Bed & breackfastBetween 140 and 225 euros.
Half pensionBetween 205 and 300 euros.
All inc.Between 240 and 340 euros.
Add.Avda. Papagayo, 22
Playa Blanca
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Princesa Yaiza

The Princes Yaiza offers its guests a combination of maximum relaxation and family orientated tourism. It is at the forefront of modern tourist accommodation in Playa Blanca, the hotel stands out due to its excellent service and the quality of its installations.


The hotel takes advantage of its connection to the sea and the excellent geographic location by offering a network of complimentary leisure activities: music, sports, childrens facilities, relaxation and gastronomy, all of which can be found in the charming square of the Princesa Yaiza. In other words it is a dream holiday. 

Princesa Yaiza is a five star luxurious hotel which is at the forefront of modern tourist accommodation in the South of the island. The hotel has as a distinguishing factor, an exceptional panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura and Lobos.

El hotel Princesa Yaiza pintado por Jorge Marsá

It has successfully filled a gap in the market for the frequent family tourism on the island. However, within the different types of room available the guest can find more luxurious options with special features.

Range of Leisure pursuits

The hotel offers an outstanding selection of alternative leisure activities. A huge childrens play centre known as Kikoland which is located next to the hotel, a jazz club called ‘Cuatro Lunas’ which could easily be found in New York, and  a relaxing spa equipped with the latest innovations in treatments and restorative experiences.

La sugerente piscina principal del Princesa Yaiza

The main hubbub of activity is concentrated in the charming plaza of the the Princesa Yaiza, which links the hotel with the avenue of Playa Blanca. There is live music, shops and food: Italian food, Spanish tapas etc…The hotel also has high quality restaurants: Isla de Lobos and the Japanese restaurant Kampai, both setting high standards and becoming established in Playa Blanca area. 

La terraza del lujoso restaurante Isla de Lobos

In addition to the wide range of complimentary leisure pursuits we can also add the enormous open air swimming pools, and the distribution of sunbathing areas complete with ultra modern furnishings. The Princesa Yaiza has consolidated itself in the modern market of tourist accommodation and the new trends. For those who look to balance both personal and family enjoyment it is a guaranteed option.

Note: The photographs accompanying this information are owned Hotel Princesa Yaiza.

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