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El Charco de los Clicos

A small soft green lagoon seated in the bottom of the volcanic ash beach of El Golfo. Its setting, at the foot of a majestic crater eroded in various forms and with a wide range of colors, it transfers a mystical most attractive profile.

Whimsical green the Charco Click is due to the explosion of life of many plant organisms inside, mainly algae. Wow this valley of ocher, reds, black pebbles and intense volcanic beach. A wild table coexists in perfect harmony with the bravery of the Atlantic Ocean.

El Charco de Los Clicos is a soft green lagoon seated in the bottom of the volcanic ash beach of the Gulf, southwest of Lanzarote. Pond, about one hundred meters in length, is at the foot of a majestic crater demolished by the erosive power of the wind and sea.The ancient volcano, which comes from the eruptions of Timanfaya (1730-1736) , maintains the poise in one of its sides. However, it is appreciated that the proximity to the Atlantic bravo has brutally laminated morphology and color. The punishment of nature has resulted in a beautiful, rich in a variety of shapes and captivating colors crater.

El espectacular cráter que cobija al Charco de Los Clicos, El Golfo, Lanzarote

The contrast of the green lagoon of Clicos sheltering him with the beautiful crater and the black sand jable composes a breathtaking sight. Whimsical green of the pond due to the explosion of life within it of numerous plant organisms, especially algae (until the eighteenth century the lagoon was colonized by a crustacean called CLICO, hence the name of the enclave). The appearance of the marine green patch, about fifty meters from the sea shore, is explained by filtering water through underground cracks.

There is a disturbing air flying over the place. A mystic that leaves no one indifferent.Gulf Beach, the Click and the crater prompted one of the last films of Pedro Almodóvar , Broken Embraces (2009). As a filmmaker, this volcanic valley ocher, reds, intense black pebbles and sand cove seizes the visitor. The scenario is violent.A puzzle in which joins the rough sea southwest of Lanzarote, the wind, a brittle volcanic terrain profile ... everything is choppy, but paradoxically, contemplation and interaction in space produces a deep state of relaxation.

Charco de Los Clicos, El Golfo, Lanzarote

Visiting Charco Clicos 

The Charco Clicos accessed by the eastern fringe of the village of El Golfo. Arriving at the fishing village ample parking red rofe it is clearly identified. From the parking, will have to overcome a small dimension (just fifteen meters) through a veredita ground to the panoramic green lagoon. It's a short way.

La playa de El Golfo, el Charco de Los Clicos y el hermoso cráter

In five minutes you are on the lookout occupying a side hill of portentous crater about twenty meters high. An enormous rock deep red and ocher appears impressive on the edge of the beach, sea,. It is proof of what was the ancient volcano, but especially reflects the process of volcanic erosion driven by the wind and violence of the Atlantic.

The visit to the Charco Click will take you half an hour of relaxed contemplation and forms the icing on the sightseeing tour around the edges of Timanfaya: This small strip of southwestern Lanzarote are concentrated in just ten kilometers, the Salinas de JanubioLos Hervideros and the green lagoon.

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