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El Chupadero de La Geria

The farmhouse of El Chupadero and in particular from a seated volcanic gravel terrace on one of the most suggestive panoramic landscape of Lanzarote is achieved: the merger of the Fire Mountains in the wine valley of La Geria.

The explosion of color fills the retina in an infinite range with intense black of lapilli that tangled green vines attached to ocher and red mountains that give life to Timanfaya. The contemplative spectacle is complemented by the architectural piece that retaining the rural traditional frame of the island and within which you will find an intimate living rooms.

There are few sites that take advantage of the vicinity of the two most impressive landscapes of Lanzarote, Timanfaya and the resultant shaped lapilli (rofe) is the wine valley of La Geria. The Chupadero achieves this by providing them unique image from its intimate terrace under pergola and set on the same volcanic ash La Geria.

La luna llena que se posa sobre las cenizas volcánicas de La Geria

The terrace is part of the rural house run by Barbara Hendricks, who has managed to fuse the tradition of the property with the cultural aspects of modern cut. Regularly organized festivals and concerts have in our hands the full moon that sits on wet rofe who gives drink to the vine. However, the place deserves your visit at daytime when the sun is projected onto the red string of Timanfaya.


The Chupadero is surrounded by vines and Gerais, the semicircular rows of volcanic stone features planting vines, so the aroma permeates duck farm. From the terrace the cultivated land merges with the silhouette Mountains National Park Timanfaya, even atisbándose traffic slow motion of the buses that circulate in full route of the volcanoes.

La Geria y Timanfaya desde El Chupadero

This is a unique postcard in the world, in which an endless color palette rofe condenses the black tangled green vines with red ocher on the horizon volcanic floods the retina. If the colorful feast is unparalleled, the thousand forms and reliefs that populate this scenario stunned by its inability ... until we reach to him.

The old farmer's house

Inside of El Chupadero has its appeal, the retained traditional architectural structure of Lanzarote. The winery embedded in the yard remains intact while the interior lounge offers an intimate and suggestive stays.

Salón interior de El Chupadero.

As a whole and especially for its views, the house sells itself, but draws attention to the care of the building has been reflected in some details that enrich further step by El Chupadero: the concise wine list (only four options of Lanzarote wines) and antediluvian cocktail dishes and fine wines they deserve a revision in the making.