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Add.Avda. de Guinate, s/n

El Mirador de Guinate

Here comes the sun . In fact here comes the sun, the Mirador de Guinate that nestled in the cliffs of Famara opens wide to show which is landscaped see Chinijo Archipelago islands in the oceanic vastness inns.

Llegando al Mirador de Guinate

The prospect 500 meters enlarges the mystery of these little islands (the largest, La Graciosa, barely reaches 29 square kilometers) nesting nature in its purest form, between the volcanoes that emerged from the Atlantic background, the plains of jable Africa and the reign of gorse that abounds in the dry wasteland.

La Graciosa es la principal protagonista de la panorámica del Archipiélago Chinijo

To get to this point will have to go through the village of Guinate, a tiny urban fabric scattered in the valley which separates the towns of Ye and Máguez, which at first glance simply living your Tropical Park , a large estate in which live 150 exotic species. However, although the houses are closed up tight crop of potatoes they realize that people live. At the end of the main road you will find the balcony of Guinate.

The viewpoint occupies a small gazebo on the edge of the cliff. Access to the ridge may seem appealing, but would step slippery slope and take pointless risks. No need to leave the stone walls that surround the gazebo to enjoy one of the most unique postcards of Lanzarote.

Mirador de Guinate, Lanzarote

Keep in mind...

- The trade wind blows hard it is located facing north, main gateway of the prevailing wind of Lanzarote and is 500 meters high in a wetland.. Although the sun shines authority should take shelter.

-. In the early hours of the day there's Lanzarote northwest overcast dawn. The clouds rest on the cliff of Famara and Chinijo Archipelago islands. From 11:00 am clouds tend to disappear, remaining the clear horizon. Therefore, avoid the visit in the early hours of the day, would lose the trip.

- With children. If you are in northern route with children and decide to visit the Mirador de Guinate, the passage through the facilities of the Tropical Park is an ideal complementary services for the little ones.