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La playa de Janubio

Don´t swim on this beach. Continuous wave that strikes the dip becomes dangerous. However, its beautiful appearance of black volcanic stone chime and composed one of the most striking pictures of Lanzarote.

Mystical air restless flies over the place, enhanced by its setting in which synergy with Salinas de Janubio and the flood of badlands west of the island cone is checked. The best time for a stroll along the shore coincides with the sunset, when he is hiding in the Atlantic ocean on the horizon projecting a colorful pot impossible.

The red flag flutters permanently in the domains of this cove forces dismissed as bathroom space. However, its peculiar beauty invites suggest Janubio Beach as a tourist attraction. The mantle of black sand in conjunction with the wind and sea seal a disturbing scenario, powered by the volcanic chain from Timanfaya surrounding the beach.

Playa de Janubio, Lanzarote (fotografía de Ramón Pérez Niz)

There are hundreds of acres, at the time, turned sharply south cone Lanzarote, drawing a whimsical coastal territory, whose infinite range of shapes and colors resulting in a postcard landscape of first magnitude. In this context, from the beach itself an itinerary which can only bring admiration is guessed. And so, you only need to follow the road to El Golfo to check in Hervideros and El Charco Clicos.

La fuerza del viento y el mar completa un cuadro paisajístico imponente

However, referring to the environment of Janubio have to highlight the bond that holds this cove with the salt of this town and its vital importance in the production process of sea salt. Access to the beach can check this synergy, while contemplates the unique architectural piece of Las Salinas.


Lanzarote is mystical land. TimanfayaLa Geria or the Risco de Famara have good share of responsibility for the granting of that mark. However, this cove Janubio is not going to the saga outlined spaces. If we estimate that the mystical is the spiritual and contemplative life, the black picture of the sprouting some tabaibas and green algae that dot its chime, highlights the emotional sense. Especially when the Postal interferes the sea lapping noisily in the surrounding volcanic rock.

Descarte el baño, playa de Janubio es peligrosa, mejor pasear por la orilla y contemplar

To soak up the aura of this site corresponds shoes and take a walk along the shore.Discard the bathroom, it is foolhardy, have on hand a dozen beaches within 20 minutes drive (for example, Papagayo). The pure scent of the sea and the wind spurred on wings take you to find the spirits that might explain the vividness of the naturist part.

Atardecer en Janubio, fotografía de Ramón Pérez Niz

There is a particular time when all the elements for contemplative enjoyment conspire touch the climax. The evening when the sun is hiding in the Atlantic horizon and light rays explode in a colorful pot impossible, with seagulls flying over the scene and squawking periodically, perhaps incredulous, against a magical frame.

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Photographs 3, by Dolmancé.

Photographer and the wave, by Ramón Pérez Niz.