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The visit to Lagomar is a dazzling contemplative experience. It is an architectural intervention in the volcano of Nazareth, located in the geographic center of Lanzarote.The rocky space, slit open houses exotic gardens and about intricacies impossible transformed into viewpoints.

The old quarry of Nazareth today transformed into an attractive landscaped enclave

The hand of César Manrique is distinguished in Lagomar. Lanzarote artist commissioned to design was limited to the main house on the cliff. As they say, the home was owned by actor Omar Sharif. Architects Dominik Von Boettinger and Beatriz van Hoff took the binomial art-nature as the basis of genuine carousel that crosses the volcanic contours. For Lagomar, all roads lead to the lake: an inviting swimming pool surrounded by oriental vegetation.

Lagomar painting by Jorge Marsa

Art and nature

The binomial art-nature pervades Lagomar domains. In the space tunnels and crannies where converge the arid ocher cliff whimsical shapes and pure white of the passages occur. During the tour, the viewpoints embedded in the contours of the volcano and perfectly oriented to contemplate their sinuous forms of orographic, in conjunction with the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon multiply. Draws attention to the integration of buildings (main house, apartments and restaurant) in the volcanic mass. Florida vegetation and the cheerful chirping of a large population of birds, which take visitors to a pleasant state of relaxation.

The caves and crannies to contemplate the scene of Lagomar

Lagomar also contemplative delight, is gastronomy. A lovely restaurant that focuses on Mediterranean and international cuisine. The culinary corner leverages its superb location in the bowels of the volcano. Place of tourist and gastronomic interest, Lagomar, too, is nightlife. Bohemian Aires breathe in the Cueva Lagomar, where thechill touch easy out our evening a great night, perhaps as magical as if one of the Arabian Nights. The subtle lighting accompanies space.

Not so with cultural programming that the house offers. Although considered to Lagomar a museum, the fact is that this section does not arouse interest.

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