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Las Salinas de Janubio

A picture of Janubio salt mines

The Janubio salt mines are one of the emblematic landscapes of Lanzarote, an architectural and environmental image that well deserves the title of Cultural Interest Site. The insular economy which was closely linked to the sea in the past had salt production as one of its main forms of sustenance. There are salt mines all over the island, however almost all of them are inoperative. With the exception of the token production of the Guatiza salt mines (in the north east of the island) the ones in Janubio are the only ones to maintain this traditional activity.

They also provide a valuable photographic framework that has earned the title of Cultural Interest Site. In spite of the production falling (the salt mines function well below their potential), their impacting construction from natural volcanic stones alongside the old windmills and the salt macerating in the salt pans, create an excellent architectural and environmental image.


Salt in Lanzarote

A visit to the Janubio salt mines will allow you to walk through the paths that link the salt pans. In the northern cove you will find the salt warehouse, the final point in the production process and where the batches of salt can be purchased. The standard type of salt is the coarse grain salt with the essence of Janubio, the salt flakes (Flor de sal), produced by hand and with the patience of the artisans from the salt mines,  is more of a luxury product and to be saved for special gastronomic occasions.

A complete panoramic view of the salt mines

There are various viewpoints where you can contemplate and admire the Janubio salt mines. The most renowned are the northern headland of the salt mines (which sometimes also serves as a car park), the spectacular restaurant situated above the salt mines on the western side, and on the old road to Yaiza to the east of Janubio where you have a complete panoramic view of the salt mines along with other interesting tourist locations such as Timanfaya, the enigmatic Janubio beach and the coastline of ‘Los Hervideros’.

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