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Los Hervideros

The roar and impact of the Atlantic Ocean on a lava flow from the Fire Mountains. This is the phenomenon that will include Los Hervideros (south of Lanzarote). An abrupt and violent, but of great beauty box. The nice walk designed by César Manrique makes him a participant in the phenomenon in safety.

Sea Postcard with volcanic contours and attractive colors exploding around them is one of the main assets of Hervideros. The ability to contemplate a Chupadero or ocean waves eroded volcanic lava is a unique feeling.

In Los Hervideros Lanzarote assist in first line to a very striking natural phenomenon: the resulting impact of the Atlantic Ocean against a network of volcanic orographic profile. Whimsical purposes of this ocean surf represent a true visual spectacle. The sea advances with fury at the rocky edges. When you speak, the sound and the way it acquires the boiling water in a dazzling explosion, brings the admiration of visitors.

Landscape Hervideros in Lanzarote

The landscape of Los Hervideros is concentrated in a small strip, barely two hundred meters between the Salinas de Janubio and the fishing village of El Golfo. The rocky chain comes from the eruptions of Timanfaya (southwest of Lanzarote). It is an abrupt and violent, but of great beauty box: the sum of the bravery of the sea with the volcanic contours and attractive color pot around. Another feature of Hervideros comes from the powerful sound of the sea through the intricacies and chupaderos natural stone. It is therefore an audiovisual Cardiff active.

Painting Hervideros (by Jorge Marsa)

The nice walk allows venture into the heart of the place. Hand César Manrique, who designed an itinerary carefully around Los Hervideros is appreciated. The journey goes through a very narrow winding stairs and natural stone. The trail is very intuitive, putting the visitors in front of the main features of the phenomenon: the geysers.Should respect the limits of the road to avoid risks to the Atlantic treacherous in this area of ??Lanzarote. Exercise caution if you go with children.

The breaking waves on Los Hervideros is one of the most attractive events to see in Lanzarote

By taking these precautions will ensure contemplative enjoyment. Whether around a Chupadero or as an extension of solidified lava front on impacting the waves. The environment is extremely attractive Hervideros. Just leave the car, you get a sublime panorama that includes Timanfaya, colorful volcanic valley meets the coast and stormy sea.