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Puente de las Bolas-Castillo de San Gabriel

The icon of the city of Arrecife, the capital drenched coastline, is the unchanging witness the future of the city. The Castillo de San Gabriel (s. XVI) seated on one of the islands of the bay served as outpost against piracy in North Africa at the time.

The connection of this island with the city took place in the eighteenth century by building the bridge Balls, sympathetic stacked stone structure topped with two scoops.

Although spaced (200 meters away), the two elements are regarded as an interlaced by two paved roads that enshrine the coast castle domains unit.

Unchanging witness the future of Arrecife, the historic Balls Bridge and the Castle of San Gabriel is the symbol of the capital of Lanzarote. Drenched coastline arrecifeño the architectural structure forms the footprint of the story of this city, who served as outpost before the sixteenth century pirate attacks and saw light the fish trade.

Arrecife bridge linking the island where the Castillo de San Gabriel sits

It is impossible to dissociate the monument of the sea, as both the bridge and the fortress part of the bay. Although spaced (about 200 meters), the two elements are regarded as an interlaced by two paved roads that connect the city to the island where the castle sits unit. You can freely access from the capital north avenue bridge (the one that goes to Las Bolas) or Ramírez Cerdá park facing south bridge.

El Puente de Las Bolas, Arrecife. Photography Ramón Pérez Niz

Balcony Sea

Admire the work of natural stone stacked in two columns topped with balls require him to take the north path. A sidewalk, also of stone, between small walls directs you to San Gabriel. Amid a stretch of sea where the sea current through the eyes of the bridges is appreciated. Hopefully it will match chiquillería storming the monument balls looking for a playful leap into the sea.

Overview of the Castillo de San Gabriel Ramírez Cerdá from the park

Back in the castle, now adapting its facilities to accommodate the Museum of the History of Arrecife, between the guns stationed at the main square you will get a complete picture of the fascinating marine arrecifeña. To the north a lone catamaran at sea and the islet of French, derruído and asking for water sign, and south pier the fish with their little boats moored, the other island in embarrassing disuse of Fermina and Arrecife Gran Hotel. Not only amazing views but the soothing silence that pervades the place, just 400 meters from the bustling capital Real street.

Illuminated historic, watching the spectacular city

The obligatory visit to this historic capital should continue for the avenue towards the church and the Charco de San Ginés. This charming riverside is now one of the biggest entertainment lungs, where they live in joyful harmony sport and cuisine.

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