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Las Pardelas Park

Small but looked after with loving care. The direct contact that the children have with the chickens, ducks, horses, donkeys, goats….makes it a unique experience. The park hands out a bag of food for the animals.

The children can feed the rabbits, baby goats, the chickens and their baby chicks, the traditional black pigs from Lanzarote or the horses. The feeling of being surrounded by nature is complimented by outdoor games. 

The Pardelas Park, situated in the volcanic rock of La Corona, offers a unique childrens experience: direct contact between the children and the farm animals. The children are given a bag that contains lettuce, carrot, bread or apples. This bag of food allows the children to interact with the hens, chickens, chicks, rabbits, goats etc…

El niño disfruta del contacto directo con los patos

The park is small and modest; it is however very well looked after. The valley of volcanic ash houses a variety of island flora and the excursion is well organized.  The children begin the itinerary with the chickens and baby chicks, the rabbits and the tortoises, straight after they continue the tour with peacocks, goats and baby goats, ducks, donkeys, pigs and horses. Children are guaranteed to enjoy this educational experience.

Games and manual activities

A distinguishing factor of the park is the direct contact with the farm animals. However the Pardelas Park also facilitates outdoor games using playground equipment for all ages.

El pequeño no alcanzaba a alimentar al caballo. Ocupó su lugar la madre


Although you can not compare Pardelas Park to theme parks such as the Loro Parque (parrot park) in Tenerife or the Oasis de Fuerteventura, all the loving care that has been put into the park over the last twenty years has converted it into something very special.

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