PriceBetween 25 and 30 euros.
Add.C/ Roque Nublo, 5
Puerto del Carmen
Phone928 512 953
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Bodega-La Cascada del Puerto

The selection and treatment carnage restaurant itself guarantee the success of Bodega-La Cascada Port with a fresh dishes, clean layout giving center stage to the product. The rooms maintain a rustic wood and volcanic stone setting a traditional architectural scene of Lanzarote.

To share

Tuna tartare. Breaded shrimp skewers with toasted millet (maize).

Main Dishes

Black pig of Lanzarote. Tenderloin steak.


Assorted desserts.

Wines and service

Prudent varied menu prices. The service is excellent.

Please note

In the heart of old Puerto del Carmen (tourist center) is a plus to have parking (restaurant awarded two free hours).

Bodega-La Cascada del Puerto is one of the best restaurants value of Lanzarote. It located at the gateway to the old town of Puerto del Carmen property (huge, 650 meters) is divided into two distinct rooms: La Bodega and dining at La Cascada.

Restaurante Bodega-La Cascada del Puerto

The rooms have a rustic profile, where volcanic stone and wood play a key role.Although the two spaces are pleasant we suggest that you book at La Bodega, its rooms drink of architectural traditionalism of the island and find privacy.

Bodega restaurante, Puerto del Carmen

The house specialty is meat and fresh fish. Behind the plate a selection process and cutting hides in the farm and slaughter own restaurant, so the margin of error is reduced to a minimum, ie never fail. The result is a colossal black pig of Lanzarote, a subtle Tenderloin steak, a grateful tray sirloin beef or some juicy lamb chops.

Productos de primera calidad

Cruising Speed

Although at busy serving a hundred diners, professional service keeps lunch or dinner cruise. With proprietary front, Cristóbal, the timing between different times of the food is perfect.

Note also that the team Bodega-La Cascada del Puerto specializes in catering for large events. This is reflected in the presentation of the dishes, with a clean design, but being granted all the attention to the product. As starters we suggest a spectacular tuna tartar on a base of avocado and shrimp brochettes breaded millet (maize) toasty.

By name, Bodega, and the specialty restaurant, meat, place deserves a letter solvent wines. The list of wines meets cautious note and prices. The homemade pastry section is cut.

In the tourist town difficulty parking garage is solved, the restaurant provides two free hours of parking located across the road from the property.

Note: Photos of the restaurant are of Bodega-La Cascada del Puerto. The images of the dishes are Josechu Pérez Niz.

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