PriceBetween 35 and 40 euros.
Add.Puerto Deportivo Marina Rubicón
Playa Blanca
Phone928 519 190
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Playa Blanca turística
Puerto del Carmen
Restaurante La Marea, Playa Honda, Lanzarote
Restaurante El Risco, La Caleta de Famara

Casa Brígida

Top quality products, freshly caught fish from the sea and a traditional Lanzarote culinary art go hand in hand en Casa Brigida.

To Share

Chunks of battered cod. Goats cheese salad. Baby cuttlefish filled with local Lanzarote cheese.

Main Dishes

Tuna with a reduction of palm honey. Wreckfish or Stone bass loin. Tuna ventresca (belly of tuna). Any of the delicious rice dishes prepared by Chef Pedro Santana. The delicious T-bone steak.


Chocolate soufflé. Apple puff pastry.

Wines and Service

An acceptable wine list (what stands out is the excellent quality-price ratio). Good service, friendly, intimate and professional.

A trustworthy gastronomic corner that showcases the talents of Chef Pedro Santana. What is on offer: fresh top quality products (freshly caught from the sea) which are lovingly prepared. The restaurant is located in a privileged position in the Rubicon Marina.

El comedor con vistas a la primera línea de atraques del puerto deportivo Marina Rubicón

Snacks or things to pick at include a wide selection of delicacies: clams, prawns, tuna ‘ventresca´ (belly of tuna fish, a delicacy) with seasoned tomato or the delicate mackerel carpaccio (served in thin raw slices and marinated). When we dined there we sampled a surprising portion of baby cuttlefish filled with local cheese from Lanzarote.

Chipirones rellenos de queso de Lanzarote

The Chef is a master in preparing paellas and rice dishes and this is reflected in the menu: paella, fish and seafood fideau (a dish similar to paella but made with noodles instead of rice), black rice with cuttlefish and prawns, rice broth served with deep sea prawns and seafood or lobster and seafood.

And not

Casa Brigida can always be relied upon for a good quality grilled fish. An excellent tuna with palm honey, the delicious tuna belly, or the wreckfish or stone bass loin, are good examples of some of the fish on offer at this restaurant.

Atún con reducción de miel de palma. Casa Brígida, Playa Blanca


The dessert menu also has a traditional element: bienmesabe with ice cream (Canarian dessert made from ground almonds, sugar syrup, cinnamon and lemon zest), baked milk pudding and a selection of local Lanzarote cheeses. Nevertheless what attracts your attention is the chocolate soufflé and a warm apple puff pastry.

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