PriceBetween 30 and 35 euros.
Add.Avda. MarĂ­tima, 34
El Golfo
Phone928 173 199

Costa Azul

This place is located between the volcanic lava peaks that came from Timanfaya, a pure luxury to sample the traditional cuisine of Lanzarote which is based on seafood and fresh fish.

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Limpets. Grilled octopus. Cherne (wreckfish) croquettes. Balls of toasted maize (pella de gofio) served with onion and mojo sauce.

Main Dishes

Fresh fish of the day (wreckfish, red sea bream, grouper….) which are served grilled. Rice soup with cardinal prawns/scarlet prawns.


Home made crème caramel. Prince Albert dessert (a typical Canarian dessert of chocolate and coffee)

Wines and Service

An extensive wine list of malvasia wines from Lanzarote, at reasonable prices. The service is fast and efficient.

The best time to go


Lunchtime is the best time to visit to enjoy the impressive sunset as the sun goes down over the coast of El Golfo

The tourist visit to Los Hervideros and el Charco de Los Clicos, is closely linked with the village of El Golfo. Sheltered from the volcanic lava flow that came from Timanfaya, the restaurant is one of the main gastronomic centres of traditional Lanzarote cuisine. Costa Azul, occupies a privileged position on the sea front, only a few steps away from the flat stones and black sand which are characteristic of this bay and is one of the busiest restaurants in this area.

Terraza del restaurante Costa Azul de El Golfo (Lanzarote)

Cherne (wreckfish), Sama (Red sea bream) and rice soup

Fresh fish of the day is one of the star items on the menu and one of the most filling: Vieja (parrot fish) sama (red sea bream), mero (grouper) or cherne (wreckfish) are simply grilled and taste exquisite. They are served on a big tray of fresh fish and accompanied with salad, canarian potatoes and the traditional canarian mojo sauce.


Delicioso pulpo a la plancha del restaurante Costa Azul de El Golfo

Another house speciality is rice. The black rice with cuttlefish and seafood, the fish and seafood paella, the rice soup with lobster and an excellent rice soup with scarlet prawns/cardinal prawns.

Arroz caldoso con carabineros 


The wonderful view of the Atlantic in contrast with the craggy volcanic landscape is one of the most peculiar images in Lanzarote. The dessert, cheesecake with cranberries or a traditional crème caramel and a cocktail mean that you will have a very leisurely lunch, taking your time until the sun begins to go down over the sea.