PriceBetween 35 and 40 euros.
Add.C/ Montaña Blanca, 30
Caleta de Famara
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El Risco

The restaurant has consolidated its modernizing bet Canarian cuisine achieving pescadito go beyond the back with potatoes and mojos. Its location could not be better: in the sea with a perfect view over the beach and the cliffs of Famara and Chinijo Archipelago islands.

To share

Crispy brown. Tartar of avocado and shrimp or tuna. Some amazing meatballs kid. Exquisite grilled octopus.Tuna Tacos.

Main Dishes

Tuna fillet. Saharan squid. Loin sama.Black rice with squid and seaweed cream.


Paragraph improved. Glum sweet potato custard and chocolate cream with burnt meringue.

Wines and service

No wine list. Lanzarote wines mainly good value. The service is correct, although somewhat hit during peak hours.

The best time

Any weekday or dinner. Discard Sunday, a day with excess diners and especially noisy.

El Risco restaurant located on the seafront of the town of Caleta de Famara has consolidated its trajectory modern Canarian cuisine. The culinary work goes beyond the simple little fish to the back with wrinkled potatoes and mojos. But not great artifice, treatment of fresh seafood from El Risco has resulted in some dishes with grace which is extracted the most flavor of the Atlantic.

The cliff of Famara from inside restaurant lounge

The gastronomic corner occupies a privileged location overlooking the beach and the cliffs of Famara, and the islands of the Archipelago Chinijo. The restaurant features a double terrace. The principal, coinciding with the entrance to the place, looking to the main road, chime, of the town of Caleta de Famara. The other outdoor gazebo is located on the promenade of the town. Settle the ideal space provided that the wind blows in this locality. Unfortunately, the trade wind hits filled permanently, except in the last quarter of the year when lowering significantly the wind. It should be remarked the elegant and comfortable furnishings. These details aspiration of El Risco to go one step beyond appreciated. Not exactly chairs and plastic tables Sprite.

The restaurant was designed by César Manrique. True to form condensed the main characteristics of the architecture of Lanzarote twice lounge inside the enclave. The pure white fits the gentle blue tones of windows and doors. There are a seafaring farolitas and a portholes (circular holes in external bulkheads boats) that stand as decorative accessories.

Outdoor terrace restaurant El Risco, Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote

However, the main room overhangs the right dimension of windows that bring the diner to the Nature Reserve Chinijo. A pity that the room rumble thus transforming the sum of pleasant conversations annoying noise. In this sense it is preferable to have lunch at any of the terraces or dinner hours, areas with better acoustics and less time visitors respectively.

Marine Aromas

The modern style kitchen El Risco is preferably seen in his choice of starters.Highlights include the tartar with avocado and shrimp, tuna, crispy and brown the diced tuna wrapped in pineapple. There seafood from the coast of Lanzarote, barnacles and prawns neighboring village of La Santa, and also of Galicia: clams, mussels and razor. However, stresses the ration grateful grilled octopus, accompanied by paprika oil and cilantro cream. The incorporation in the letter of the working dumplings represent a successful counterpoint kid meat of traditional stoves.

Grilled octopus with paprika oil and cilantro cream

The sailor air of the place and marine flavors from the sea bravísimo Famara invite to taste fish as a main dish. The portions are generous. Grouper fillets, loins mackerel and squid sama or the Sahara, which are prepared with a modern mild pickled based touch short of saffron broth or potato Parmentier in ink vinaigrette. Another specialty of the restaurant is rice: paella of shellfish, octopus and shrimp, and mussels Carabinieri sweet and tasted recently, slick, black with squid and seaweed cream.

The letter hosts a traditional meat dish: kid style Lanzarote. Also include the grilled steak, chops and curious kid stuffed rabbit loin of Iberian pork and pickled vegetables. The house has no wine list. It is based on the best wines of the island, mainly white Malvasia and some incorporation of Spanish red. Save a correct value.

Black with squid and seaweed rice cream

The good work overall kitchen not moved to the pastry. He awoke sympathy and sweet potato custard cream biscuit, but proved disappointing as the chocolate cream with burnt meringue. The service is correct although a tad overwhelmed at peak days it shows.

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