PriceBetween 20 and 25 euros.
Add.C/ Alegranza, 1.
Puerto del Carmen
Phone928 512 731.

La Casa del Parmigiano

The quintessential home of Italian cuisine in Lanzarote with a superb location within the Fariones Sports Centre.

Dishes to Share

Any of the three salads and a board of bresaola.

Main Dishes

Pasta hearts filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, or the parma ham filled with a sauce of three varieties of mushroom and rocket. Or a portion of ravioli filled with salmon, bacon and prawns.


Chocolate pyramid or apple tart.


Full wine list with Italian and Spanish wines at an affordable price.

The best time to go

Lunchtime, if you are a tennis player or paddle player or a swimmer, the possibility of combining sport with lunch after is always a good idea.

La Casa del Parmigiano is the quintessential home of Italian cuisine in Lanzarote. The restaurant also stands out for its superb location, in a spot that has a direct view of the atmospheric Fariones Sports Centre. In order to wet your appetite we recommend that you try a salad. Choose between, rocket, prawns and courgette, chicken gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, or mozzarella tomato and basil. The salads are dressed to your liking with top quality oil and vinegar and are excellently presented. You can combine a salad with a wonderful bresaola (an Italian cured meat that is similar to the Iberian variety) or some aubergines with parmesan.

La apetitosa terraza del Parmigiano, orientada en primera línea al ambiente del Centro Deportivo Fariones

The main dishes of the restaurant are pasta based. Spaghetti, penne, ravioli, tagliatelle that are combined with seafood, clams, crayfish or vegetables. Some dishes that stand out are pasta hearts filled with ricotta cheese and spinach or parma ham filled with a sauce made with three varieties of mushrooms and rocket. Another safe option is the tasty ravioli dish filled with salmon prawns and bacon.

Bresaola, embutido italiano

Other dishes

Of all the meat and fish dishes the salmon in a potato papillote is worth mentioning, and so is the seared tuna when this dish is available due to its seasonal nature. The restaurant also has an extensive wine menu,  with affordable prices that offers Italian and Spanish wines plus the best wines from Lanzarote. Although not its strong point, the restaurant offers desserts: a chocolate pyramid or an apple tart is the finishing touch to your lunch.

Raviolis rellenos de salmón con gambas y beicon

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