"The Other," when you know what you want... and what you don't want

When: Every day from 13:00 to 23:15. Where: C/ Las Acacias, 6, Costa Teguise (map). Book a table or Take Away: 928 591 744 or 639 458 657

Its name, indeed, offers clear hints. "The Other", Pizza & Pasta, is...something else: It can be a refuge after the saltwater bath or the cozy house, wide open for you, when the cold is pressing to converse, laugh, share and escape from routine. 

And to be "something else", that is, to differentiate and distinguish oneself, the secret is in the mass. "The Other" nails it: a fine, crunchy dough as the foundation for almost 40 different pizzas that make up its menu and that will come to life in a volcanic stone oven. 

The assortment of pizzas responds to all palates, vegetarians included, however, this writer has been absolutely surrendered to two of Vitorino Rega's creations. One is the XXL Barbecue which, if pizzera engineering existed, would belong to a hall of fame, and the other is... "The Other", whose base is not tomato but a delicious mushroom sauce. 


In my opinion, the two have their time: a cannibal appetite after a paddle game or after a long day's work, the barbecue xxl; a romantic moment with the lady or a meeting with friends, the other to chew on bit by bit.


"La Otra" incorporates a pasta section on the menu and offers seasonal suggestions on the slate, in these days there were ravioli stuffed with salmon for example. There is also room for salads and meats.

Remarkable is the service in the living room, attentive and agile so that your moment is as pleasant as possible, the lighting of that tempting terrace that invites you to settle in and extend the evening, the musical thread always with that little funky point hovering the conversations, and homemade pastries, I'm very fond of the irresistible milk pinitos.

I used to look at all this symphony of details working in unison and I smile remembering some words of the project creator, Vitorino Rega, when we philosophized one night... "Josechu, you have to know what you want...and what you don't want". I'll tell you that.

Para llevar

Keep this very important detail in mind. Sometimes you go on a confident Monday, without prior reservation, and you stumble upon a terrace to explode...nor a free table. A good listener will pick this up, call and book (928 591 744 or 639 458 657).

Take Away

We can't close this post without announcing the take-away service of the Other. If you want to savor their pizzas with a home cinema session, an afternoon of series or the sports round of tv with friends...the take away service is available every day, from 13:00 to 23:15 hours. Orders...on the same phone (928 591 744 or 639 458 657).

That's how they arrive home...