Summer season in El Marinero y la Muchacha (The Sailor&TheGirl)

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Everything slows down in Arrieta like a postcard looking at the sea, normally peaceful, and the boats posed as if waiting to be portrayed. In the streets surrounding the Atlantic there is a considerable bustle, the restaurants are boiling with noise, except this redoubt, this strangeness that goes out of the ordinary that is The Sailor and the Girl.

So there you have it, there are different ways,to enjoy Arrieta and its fish. And that it precisely...different. A leisurely lunch or dinner, with Mary welcoming you with open arms and Isabel taking care of the stove. Ask for the table close to the sea.

In addition to the menu, there are always tasty items out of it, right now a smoked sardine tartare with apple or a cheese salad, jerky and dried fruit.

As the main ingredients, the duck magret with cocoa and mango or the suckling pig or the confit turbot or a loin of cherne usually make an appearance ... although if it is available, the winner is the sea bass by Isabel Calahorra.

- Wine

We recommend you to complete your lunch or dinner sharing a bottle of "Déjate Besar" red or white wine.


The Sailor and the Girl is, in addition to flirtatious and elegant, very welcoming.

This coziness can be explained, among other things, by  its small size.

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It is recommended to book. 

Now something vital to make the most of the experience

What table should you take?

There are two tables right above the sea, any of them will make it, just keep in mind it may get a bit chilly. Yes it´s that close to the sea.

Bon Apetit! 

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