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Looks are deceiving. The dry, dusty and seemingly barren territory of Playa Quemada up with houses attached to the sea one of the most unique areas of Lanzarote.

The village is a huge window to the sea blessed by its location, always protected from the annoying Lanzarote trade winds. Everything is calm in Playa Quemada, who catches his parsimonious modus vivendi.

Discover this small nucleus leaving your car in the northern Gaza and cross the town by the seafront up to the cove of the village or the spacious beaches of La Arena and El Pozo.

The fish of the day, selected in the market of Puerto del Carmen, is another attraction of this visit, to eat on the terraces of the restaurants where the aroma of salt reaches the Atlantic.

Playa Quemada is a contradiction. Dry, dusty and seemingly barren territory, but cradled under the noble figure of Natural Monument of Los Ajaches comprises a unique core where it seems not apply any standard. Among his few and winding asphalt roads emerge spotless buildings linked to the coast, white with doors, windows and shutters soft green and blue.

Playa Quemada, Lanzarote

Playa Quemada is a vast and enviable sea gate. Fun on the infinite Atlantic horizon, with Isla de Lobos and the dunes of Corralejo in Fuerteventura in oasis format displayed in the viewfinder, and enviable because it takes more sheltered cove Lanzarote wind. There is a silence, which can become desperate, a ghost town in the old American West, which only awakens with the cries of the seagulls and the bleating and goat bells from a distant corral, although clarity jingle baifos will think that at your side.

The walk along Playa Quemada

We invite you to Playa Quemada leaving the car north of town, near La Puntilla and Punta Quemada Beach resort where alojativo discover a nameless building a kind of tinted shades reminiscent of the paradise Greek island of Mamma Mia ! in which only missing Meryl Streep. Walk south through the seafront where you will encounter a way of life different, privileged and disconnected from everything.

La Puntilla de Playa Quemada

The houses have the knocker sunset while kayaking in the next terregal to housing indicate that the neighborhood has a permanent connection to the sea. They draw attention barbecues, also outside of households, which still have the ashes of a recent night nightclub with the murmur of the tide, which is guessed delicious.

In this balcony to the sea play a leading role rice restaurants and fresh fish of the day selected with care in the market of Puerto del Carmen. Soon we return to them.

The dip in the coves of black sand

The visit to Playa Quemada has bound by its black sand beaches step. In the tiny cove of the village or in the spacious beaches of La Arena and El Pozo. More than beaches are mystical corners, usually solitary, powerful magnetism by the prodigious contrast of pink and ocher mountains of Los Ajaches and black chime. The simple walk along the shore and Atlantic assault pose a cathartic experience of the first order.

Playas de arena negra, Playa Quemada, Lanzarote

Body impregnated with saltpeter, and in all probability the soul back to the restaurants. If it is decided by the lunch it would be sinful to settle in the interior rooms of these, with the splendid terrace from which to admire the beautiful marina postcard. Accommodated, his is asking a chilled dry Malvasia and delight the palate with some sardines, grilled octopus or a limpets as a starter, and rice or fish in season (our favorite in Playa Quemada are Casa Tino and Salmarina).

Restaurante Salmarina, Playa Quemada, Lanzarote

Magically this parsimony in place seizes the diner, in the blink of an eye, unconsciously, without realizing the accelerated pace of clockwise, will meet the sunset. This cheerful passing hours, this indifference, is another contradiction of Playa Quemada. I thought it would take several hours its discovery, it has fallen in love all day without having party and has repeated.

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