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La Geria

Ruta del Vino: La Geria

More than 5,000 hectares of volcanic ash hosting a particular way of growing grapes. The vines plunge into the lapilli and are protected from the wind by the semicircular barrier of volcanic rock known as souks.

The most prestigious wineries in Lanzarote bathe Valley rofe from eruptions of Timanfaya. Meet The Geria and its modus vivendi real situation by tasting the famous malvasías of the island. The route takes most charming south to north (starting village of Uga sympathetic towards El Islet).

La Geria composed one of the most charming landscapes of Lanzarote. Its more than 5,000 hectares of volcanic ash surprised by the curious way of growing grapes.The man managed to produce fruit, and wine, of a Broken eruptions of Timanfaya territory. Ripe grapes buried in lapilli (rofe) and is safe from wind thanks to the souks: semicircular natural stone barriers that protect the vine. The porosity of the volcanic rocks allows the fruit is oxygenated. The result, after a laborious mime in the cultivation process is the great Malvasia it produces each year a dozen wineries.

A few houses dot the natural setting of La Geria

However, La Geria is much more than grapes and wine. The spectacular valley of ashes home to other crops such as figs and moral. La Geria, too, is its architecture: a few houses scattered throughout the countryside highlight the peculiarities of agricultural buildings of the time. With everything, but especially by the neighbor relationship with the National Park of Timanfaya, La Geria focuses particular interest geologically.

La Geria después de la lluvia, pintura de Jorge Marsá

Within it survive the volcanic cones, lava lakes and mysterious caves. Among the latter stands Cave Naturalists. The combination of the vast landscape of lava stones with enigmatic and disturbing figure Mountains of Fire is a sublime postcard.


The Geria through the center of the island by the LZ-30. It is a path of slow transit, which allows imbued in the magical scenery. Around the main island road flirty wineries are located. If the enviable landscape setting exists, is due largely to the winemakers, providing outlets for agricultural effort in the care of the vine. No end to know La Geria without tasting their wines.

The curious semicircular barriers volcanic stone hosting planting grape vines

To our knowledge, the best route for Lanzarote wine route south part of La Geria, accessing it through the charming village of Uga. From south to north, the wine tasting will take a first stage with visits to Bodegas La Geria and Bodega Rubicon.The first provides a guided tour of their facilities with tasting (9:00 to 18:00 hours) tour.You can taste the dry, sweet and semi-sweet or sweet Malvasia liqueur Muscat. In Rubicon (10:30 to 20:30), a privileged mansion overlooking the back Timanfaya, the wine list focuses on Amalia dry Malvasia, semisweet, red and pink, and Muscat.

Stratvs and Vega de Yuco

The wine tour always continue north. Just five minutes from La Geria-Rubicon Grand Stratvs facility is located. This is an ultramodern winery ups, which has served to value the abandoned corner of the Barranco del Obispo. Stratvs sells its production in an exquisite shop at the entrance to the cellar (9:00 to 20:00 and on Sundays until 19:00), which includes an elegant tasting room and a magnificent terrace overlooking Timanfaya for tasting of wines: dry and Naturally Sweet Malvasia, Muscat and liquor version make the most outstanding wines Stratvs.

Bodegas El Grifo, pintura de Jorge Marsá

As the route continues north, the landscape of ashes will intermingle with large bags of volcanic badlands. On the way to the charming village of Masdache, also shall fall with beautiful figure of moss (green floret) resting on the solidified lava. Attempt to get into Vega de Yuco (08:00 to 16:00): another winery just 16 years of life that focuses on wine quality producing a delicate dry Malvasia. Besides this white wine, red wine can be tasted, Muscat and a collection of spirits.

Route wine tasting by La Geria volcanic malvasías

The Bermejos and El Grifo

Also in Masdache las Bodegas El Grifo is located. The oldest wine Canary installation (dating from 1775) took forty hectares of vineyards coincide with the geographic center of Lanzarote. The tasting room is part of the visit to the Wine Museum El Grifo (10:30 to 18:00 hours). Highlights include dry Malvasia and other achampañado worth mentioning.

Leaving Masdache, the wine route through La Geria immerses himself in the village of El Islet. At its heart, the winery's Bermejos operates. Su, chilled white wine is an excellent accompaniment to appetizers like cheese or boiled potatoes or fish dishes, rice and seafood. The menu of wines from this winery extends to Ruth Nature, Muscat, Diego Seco, red carbonic maceration or traditional cask.

The cultivation of vines in volcanic ash is due to moisture conditions plaguing La Geria

The opening of these facilities permanently allows to know La Geria and its modus vivendi real situation. A potential resulting in a more meaningful and enriching experience. By Malvasia wine, liqueurs and red black muscat grape, the picture of this protected natural area will leave a deep impression on the retina and taste of its visitors.

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Photographs 3 , for Dolmancé.

In painting , by Jorge Marsa.

Running in La Geria , by Luis Arencibia.

Climb Mountain Diama , by Clara Suarez.

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