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Casa Tomarén

Nestled among huge bags of lava, House Tomarén is popular architecture of Lanzarote. The volcanic universe he attaches a pregnant with vines, fig and vomiting volcanic landscape. Loose complex is surrounded by a carefully botanical collection that leads to a majestic pool in the middle of a small volcano.

The seven buildings, two to eight people capacity, make some peculiar properties. Lanzarote architectural tradition blends with the decor and furnishings of oriental air. The villas blend into the countryside taking advantage of its excellent location for a clearly differentiating rest.

House Tomarén (The Islet) looks mysterious. Corseted between washes badlands and volcanic ash La Geria, rural development stands out for its architectural stamp of traditional character. The remodeling and renovated the old house have enhanced the attractiveness of the most peculiar edges of architecture of Lanzarote. Al stunning landscaped setting, pregnant with vines and fig trees and volcanic vomiting, is added carefully botanical collection surrounding the property.

Between lava flows exotic pool house Tomarén

The village where the building sits country occupies the geographic center of the island. A strip of agricultural land, mainly planted with vines, where silence reigns, broken only by the company's prevailing trade winds in Lanzarote.

In this sense, the enclave Tomarén House oozes parsimony. A relaxing setting that is equipped with spaces and furniture coquettishly to enjoy outdoor volcanic mark the place. The insular tradition merges with oriental scents. Both gardening elements, as in the haimas, benches and pergolas of houses and public areas, zen atmosphere hovers around Tomarén.

The sound of silence

It is likely that Paul Simon, when he composed The Sound of Silence, is imbuyera a relaxing haven similar to this picture: huge lava flows around a spacious pool, comfortable hammocks-haimas, the birds singing and silence at ease seizing the host. The morning after breakfast in network intricacies of lava walk, slow reading or simple contemplation of the landscape represent a waste of tranquility.

Painting Jorge Marsa House Tomarén

The pause of urbanization moved to the houses. The accommodation is spread over seven innings. Two studies, a two-storey villa with terrace and garden themselves (these three options for two), and four other properties for larger groups. All rooms are equipped with wireless internet, tv, dvd, cd, mp3 and radio.

Broader reach 120 meters on separate lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and terrace with pergola looking out. Although the villas have a kitchen, the house provides the option of breakfast in the rustic dining common basis of tea, coffee, juices, meats, cereal and fruit.

Exterior view of one of the houses of Tomarén

House Tomarén is a relaxing oasis. Fits perfectly for those who want a different holiday on the island of volcanoes, away from the tourist bustle. The immersed in La Geria, environment invites you to walk between lava and volcanic ash, the cycle route or approach to wine of Lanzarote.

Note: The photographs accompanying this information are owned by House Tomarén.

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