The environmental richness of the sea floors surrounding Lanzarote, the cleanliness and stillness of its waters allow you to practice scuba diving all year round (except the few stormy days). The coast of Puerto del Carmen stands out, especially the area known as el Veril where the underwater life of dozens of different coloured species is very common.


However the biodiversity of the marine reserve of the Chinijo Archipelago is unrivalled although its waters are more exposed to currents which limit the possibilities of scuba diving during the last four months of the year. The scuba diving clubs offer various packs and an initiation process which ends in a baptism (first time you scuba dive).

Lanzarote is the biggest European destination for scuba diving. The island benefits from its ecologically rich seabed and the unbeatable conditions for the practice of this sport. The weather and the exceptional sea conditions allow all year round diving.

Buceo es sinónimo de relajación

On the other hand, the temperature of the sea (in winter) doesn’t drop below 18º and the clarity of the water all make diving in Lanzarote an attractive option. From Northern Europe thousands of loyal scuba divers journey to the island to take advantage of these conditions and enjoy a unique experience.

El Veril and Chinijo

The most exceptional areas for scuba diving in Lanzarote are El Veril in Puerto del Carmen and the exotic marine reserve of the Chinijo Archipelago. The water in Puerto del Carmen stands out due to its stillness (it is sheltered from the wind) and for the breeding areas of grouper, amberjack, and sardines that inundate the seabed. The highest proportion of scuba divers are found in the Canary Islands.

En busca de los tesoros que esconde El Veril (Puerto del Carmen) 

With regard to the Chinijo Archipelago (the stretch of sea that surrounds the islands situated to the North of Lanzarote), the experts all agree that this hotbed of fauna and flora has little competition in the world. There are over 200 types of different fish of different colours and sizes. 

Inmersiones en los ricos y luminosos fondos marinos de Lanzarote


- Native Diving (Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen). Phone: 928 346 096 y 627 839 208. Mail. Web.

- Hipocampus Fariones (Puerto del Carmen). Phone: 928 514 075 y 682 403 818. Mail. Web.

- Rubicón Diving (Playa Blanca). Phone: 928 349 346. Mail. Web.

- Timanfaya Sub (Puerto del Carmen). Phone: 928 510 098 y 609 867741. Mail. Web.

- Centro de Buceo Archipiélago Chinijo (La Graciosa). Mail. Web.