PriceBetween 20 and 25 euros.
Add.Avda. Islas Canarias (Aptos. Celeste, Local 4)
Costa Teguise
Phone928 590 935

El Cochino Cojo

Spanish Tapas of fresh and generous portions. The kitchen constantly renews its assortment of sandwiches and seasonal suggestions. The letter reflects a commitment set ambitious national cuisine and tapas at a great price.


Table of sandwiches. Ham croquettes and spinach. Scrambled eggs with sausage with pine nuts and apple. Top of black rice. Grilled Iberian meats. Quesillo Flan with palm honey and biscuit and toffee mouse


Variety and good price (including service cups).


No big aspirations for decorative level terrace concentrated to a large number of diners that becomes noisy. The service complies with agility and grace the frantic pace of demands.

El Cochino Cojo has its specialty tapas on skewers and Spanish cuisine. Simple, based on fresh and generous servings, has come to occupy a prominent place among the dining options in Costa Teguise space. It is an agile site that frequently renews its assortment of snacks and seasonal suggestions, while maintaining a fixed range in the most ambitious and elaborate letter.

Sandwiches from The Pig Cojo, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

The corner does not shine at the height of the stove. A sober place without any aspiration to decorative level, the most remarkable aspect comes from the successful furniture terrace (hub of El Cochino Cojo): a set of traditional wooden tables and chairs, two large benches for large groups and a curious barrel that serves as a table. We must recognize the effort of the house for shelter terrace Lanzarote frequent wind: the pergola and reinforcements with front awning and another side were reduced to nothing the influence of wind on the comfortableness of the evening.However, the high demand of the site and an excessive number of tables does get noisy stay.

The terrace of El Cojo Pig

Rico, fast and economical

The claim to go further with making a substantial sandwiches is noted. Mime in their preparation is perceived at first bite. Good tasting sausage skewer with mushrooms breaded or portion grateful cheese goat cheese accompany the initial conversation. El Cochino Cojo incorporates in its select variety of appetizers and tortillas. Tapas, the house remains permanently broiled grouper and piquillo and tasty ham and spinach. Andalusian calamari, fried squid and a few broken eggs that lack grace (or primary substance) ... are dry are served. Yes convincing scrambled. Among them, bursting with sausage with pine nuts and apple (also offered cod, prawns and piquillo).

Bull burger

The kitchen surprises with rations share of black rice (quite achieved) and shrimp risotto. Fails to convince the cherne tempura despite his successful herb mayonnaise. El Cochino Cojo rounded culinary offerings with more substantial dishes: cebón loin, belly, tuna, Iberian pork, one pork cheek correct and acceptable bull burger. The pastry captivated the table with a custard quesillo with palm honey and subtle mouse biscuit and toffee.

Surprising biscuit and toffee mousse

To be a corner of tapas, the house note about winemaking bet. Variety of wines (also by the glass) and very good price. The service efficiency and agility meets the prevailing rate at El Cochino Cojo, besides being quite nice.

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