PriceBetween 15 and 20 euros.
Add.Avda. MarĂ­tima, 21
Playa Blanca
Phone928 519 855

La Katedral

Immersed in the promenade of Playa Blanca, La Katedral facing the Atlantic stamped with the islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura on the horizon. The Creek Boulevard between traditional town and harbor deserved a place for the rich and varied cuisine Spanish tapas and pinchos version.

To share

Better half portions. Fish cakes and ham. Fried anchovies. Scrambled eggs.

Main courses

Red or Galician beef steak tuna.


Cake, pudding and goat yogurt. 


Concise wine list but good price.


Outstanding agility of the kitchen.

Best place

Certainly the terrace. In addition to the privileged view, the bustle of the inner court is mitigated.

In the first line of the promenade of Playa Blanca, with the beautiful Atlantic stamp and the islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura in the viewfinder, the boulevard between the small beach of the town and harbor deserved a place for the rich and varied cuisine Spanish version pinchos and tapas.

The Katedral occupies a corner of the pleasant promenade of Playa Blanca

On La Katedral no spikes from view by a simple and original reason: the freshly prepared to taste the diner, ensuring a fresh and crunchy (2.20 euros each) montadito. The house has a marvelous ham (9 euros per half serving) and some cheese, some sheep, which can also serve as an appetizer.

Serving of fried anchovies

The home is divided into two rooms: the narrow and bustling indoor dining room and seated on the Avenida terrace. It is guessed that the giant TV in the lounge serves bet to follow the league. If no sport, rocker music in the music albeit 13:30. No color, it is preferable to dine on the terrace with views are formidable.

Full Charter

Exposed to a mixed audience Katedral The menu is varied. The covering letter is segmented vegetables and Iberian, scrambled, fish and meat. And it right in offering generous portions and half portions.

Fried calamari

We opted for a table fish cakes and ham, buttery and tasty (at 4 and 8 euros, medium and ration respectively), meatballs (4 and 5.50 euros), some anchovies and squid fried (8 euros each tray) and a broken egg with the yolk impregnating potatoes (cooked in this case, not fried) and the plethora ham (9 euros).

Scrambled eggs

The house has a section of main courses with cod pil pil, sirloin, pork tenderloin and grilled, among other options, the cutlet de Tolosa. With the tapas we were served but had a small margin to taste bluefin tuna and Galician beef sirloin. The wine list is short but maintains a good price and homemade pastries you stick to the cake, custard and goat yogurt (between 3.75 and 4.50 euros).

After lunch or dinner boardwalk helps digest and pleases the eye

After lunch or nothing better than a nice walk along the promenade, which helps digest dinner.