The island

Marine and Fisheries Reserve Chinijo corner forms a unique environment.

The paradisiacal beaches of Las Conchas, French and Yellow Mountain make distinctive the day of sun and sand.

Diving, boat trips and traditional cuisine are other leisure options in La Graciosa.

Archipiélago Chinijo

Exotic beaches, the parsinomia as a rule, fishing, scuba diving, boat trips, hiking ... This is the picture that is relaxing live in marine and Chinijo Archipelago Nature Reserve.

Where to stay

The only option is to Caleta del Sebo, capital of La Graciosa.

Beaches and coves

Las Conchas. Montaña Amarilla.

Where to eat

The fishing village is full of restaurants serving traditional Canarian cuisine. Our favorite, House Chano.

What to do

Hiking. Mountain bike. Fishing. Diving. Boat trips.

Chinijo Archipelago is a group of islands, islets and located one nautical mile north of Lanzarote rocks. La Graciosa (the only inhabited island), Montaña Clara, Alegranza Roques and the East and West up, perched on the Atlantic Ocean, an exquisite landscape stamps from the island of volcanoes. The waters surrounding Chinijo are characterized by a rich biodiversity nursery. Not surprisingly, their domains are protected as natural and fishing reserve. The relationship of the inhabitants of La Graciosa with the sea has extended until today. Fishing formed the only livelihood of its people. 


Walk or spend a few days in La Graciosa means putting the clock. This island is synonymous with relaxation. The biorhythm is engaging the parsimony of the place. The capital of La Graciosa Caleta del Sebo: a charming village, barely 500 inhabitants, in the hours pass slowly. Guarded by the stately Famara cliff and Firth (called the river) that separates it from Lanzarote, connection with nature from the capital is guaranteed. La Graciosa is the beaches: paradise bays, as French beach cove on the Yellow Mountain, El Salao or extraordinary beach of Las Conchas, the island's north, looking to the winding Montaña Clara and Alegranza islet enigmatic.

La playa de Las Conchas


Sun, beach, gastronomy and adventure sports

The relaxed atmosphere guaranteed, sightseeing in La Graciosa is not understood without newspapers dips in its coves. However, there is much more than sun and sand. Hiking and mountain bike crossing their most attractive, surfing in the surf near Las Conchas, know its seabed rich in biodiversity (diving) and fishing are the main forms of entertainment.

Postal de Montaña Clara desde Alegranza


La Graciosa has a good reputation for its simple cuisine. A base, fresh from the Atlantic freshest products, you can approach the traditional dishes tasting fresh seafood: barnacles, octopus, squid or bocinegros, samas, chernes, paella, fideau ... Accompany these delicacies with Malvasia Lanzarote. Chilled by the exquisite fish at sunset graciosero. The village is full of restaurants and generally all work in an effective way, but one of our favorites is the Casa Chano.

Puerto de La Graciosa, pintura de Jorge Marsá

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