The night

Add.C/ Los Loros, 3

Cueva Lagomar

There are few nightlife spots in Lanzarote that are as stunning as the Lagomar Cave. The pub is located in the belly of the old Nazaret quarry, today transformed into a setting which combines art with nature. The background music is funky and chill out, rhythms which perfectly complement the natural surroundings.

The cave looks out onto the perfectly illuminated lake-swimming pool. The seating areas are scattered around allowing for conversation to flow whilst enjoying the night falling over Nazaret.

Evenings in the Lagomar Cave are magical. There are few nightlife spots in Lanzarote that are as stunning as this one. The cave has basic décor, a pretty bar area and some small cosy sitting areas that are part of the enormous portion of the Nazaret cliff. The background music is funk and chill out, rhythms which fit in perfectly with the art and nature feel of this place.

People ask for their beers, cocktails or other mixed drinks and then lose themselves in the labyrinth of twists and turns. The cave looks out onto the lake and its perfectly illuminated rocky silhouette. The house cleverly scatters its different areas where you can sit and contemplate the surroundings, comfortable wooden tables and chairs where the conversation flows whilst you enjoy the night falling over Nazaret.

Whilst engrossed by the beauty of Lagomar we recommend that you look up at the sky to see the moon which perfectly complements the natural and exotic surroundings.

A Bohemian ambience

The elegance of Lagomar takes on a bohemian air. It’s a very different place, with good vibes where you can relax and enjoy yourself as the day comes to an end. The nocturnal clientele of Lagomar are people between 25 and 45. Lagomar keeps things simple which can be sometimes surprising. They do not serve beer from the tap. The bottled beer available is Tropical, Heineken and Coronita, which costs two, three or four euros respectively.

The cocktails are a simple choice between mojitos, caipirinhas, and tequila sunrise that cost six euros, and the mixed drinks with normal known brands between five and 7.50 euros. The cocktail menu doesn’t really match the exclusivity of Lagomar. However, the nocturnal experience in what they say was the home of the actor Omar Shariff, is very unique.