The night

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Costa Teguise

Pueblo Marinero

The little night owl in Costa Teguise is concentrated in Pueblo Marinero: A lovely example of architecture of Lanzarote. The vast central plaza different pubs and bars are arranged outdoors.

Highlights over the Hook, flamenco La Gitana, the terrace strategic Sparky and Cocktail Bar Davids. Every night from 19:30 approximately sounds country, pop and rock live.

Pueblo Marinero of Costa Teguise is the main nightlife area of this tourist resort of Lanzarote. The complex, located in the dynamic Avenue Canary Islands, hosts various terraces and small taverns. Food and cocktails live in the charming building that replicates the basic features of Lanzarote architecture.

Outdoor terraces overlooking the popular architecture of the Pueblo Marinero

The slender silhouette houses of pure white, large wooden doors and windows set a nice frame, eminently peaceful and covered the prevailing wind in Costa Teguise.

All terraces come together and look at a large central courtyard with a charming gazebo surrounded by native vegetation. Right here in the lair of the kiosk, stumble with Irish tavern Mandy's Snug Bar. Sounds country and rock. And of course, beer reigns. Black Guinness, Heineken and Carlsberg, reeds and jars. Every day, on top of the kiosk, the fishing village comes alive with live music from 21:00. Other notable pubs are La Gitana, modern and classical music as flamenco, and very narrow pole and beer Sparks 1 and 1.20 euros.

The central square of Pueblo Marinero


Of the different terraces and pubs stand relaxed evening Cocktail Bar Davids.Towards its loose and comfortable main salon enlivened with pop-rock, its attractive wooden bar stools and furniture with different heights. The corner has open terrace with an excellent overview of Pueblo Marinero. In Davids will find the right job in cocktails at reasonable prices (Hendricks gin and tonic with Schweppes between 7 and 8 euros). The shank 2 euros and 2.5 euros pitcher. The cocktail menu offers a varied based caipirinhas, mojitos and margaritas bouquet. The Night Owl corner also stands out as ideal for the beach after tea space. The availability of coffees and teas seems to have no end, so you can find the scent that will fully meet. The restaurant opens daily at 10:00, but to lengthen the night closes soon unfortunately (at 01:00).

Interior view of the Cocktail Bar Davids

The narrow margin of time is the keynote of the night in Costa Teguise. No nightlife is one of the strengths of the tourist resort. It is understood by the sports and family profile that characterizes visitors to this development. If I wanted to prolong the nightlife would have only one option: Hook. The house in which this night owl sits point acts as a pirate ship. International pop-rock sounds in essence. Open daily until 03:00. As befits the piratical universe, opt for beer and rum. The cocktail, 6 euros, the usual mojitos and caipirinhas limited. The combined move between EUR 5 and 8.Hook has a profile summer terrace, sheltered under a pergola typical Lanzarote, facing the central courtyard dynamic Pueblo Marinero.