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El Mirador del Río

* El Mirador del Río, video by Chris Ramos

When the visitor approaches the colossal structure of volcanic badlands building Mirador del Rio, north of Lanzarote, nothing portends the contemplative show that is about to experience. The architectural work of César Manrique is located on the cliff of Famara, about four feet high. The fierceness of the lava rock from neighboring Corona Volcano and green colonizaje of moss that settles on the badlands contrast with the pure white and parquet floors inside the Mirador. Manrique plays the dismissal with this contrast, while attention with a decorative amulet in the form of traditional pottery in the corridor leading to the main hall of the resort.

Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote

Once in the elegant café, the visitor, still thinking about the decorative details, stumbles out of the blue with some huge windows overlooking the river. A Firth of about a kilometer separates Lanzarote Chinijo Archipelago. Some islands, islets and rocks located one nautical mile northwest of the island of volcanoes Cross the river to swim has become one of the sports events Sexiest of Lanzarote. It happens every year on the last Saturday in September with a strong participatory.

The effect sought by Manrique, brutal force a change of pace, a surprise is achieved in an outstanding manner. La Graciosa, the main island of Chinijo, appears to be an extension of Lanzarote. Asombra special sharpness with which detect the wild scenery of this almost deserted island. The chime that bathes its entirety looks especially gold. The panorama is more suggestive when the visual prism extends north Atlantic. In bright and clear day you can observe a great postcard Clara and Alegranza Mountain, two enigmatic Chinijo islets, which together with the figure of La Graciosa porte give this natural reserve.

Spectacular view of Chinijo Archipelago from Mirador del Río

River Lullaby

The indoor lounge created by Manrique facilitates quiet contemplation stage. From the tall white dome attract attention a bizarre sculptures of iron rods and plates. At the foot of the suggestive windows, concave on its horizontal axis and slightly oblique in the vertical, typical furniture cafe and a loose white natural stone benches with comfortable cushions located oriented, of course, the River and Chinijo. Ideal for a snack time. The offer is limited to a correct sample of cafés, baguettes and liquor.

Café del Mirador del Río

But stay here in the back room, is to limit the visit to the Mirador del Río so absurd.The best comes from connecting with nature when you are encouraged to go outside terraces. Protected by the mass of volcanic badlands, and the open, the visual phenomenon is added the audio of the river. The Atlantic piece between the coast and La Graciosa island, just over a mile, appears to be in absolute calm. Sometimes looks deceive. The strong current North Lanzarote makes roaring sea when contacting the rocky bay under the cliff of Famara. On the coast sounds stampede. A hundred meters above sea level forms the soft murmur of the river.

The balcony of the Mirador del Río.

Not only the islands of Chinijo focus the attention of tourists. It should lose his eyes to the huge cliff of Famara. A naturally gorgeous picture of twenty kilometers connecting Punta Fariones (Órzola) with Teguise. At its heart is the highest point on the island: Peñas del Chache (671 mts.). The Famara cliff is one of the richest areas of biodiversity on the island. Home to numerous species of flora and fauna. In the Lanzarote coastline also captivates visitors the beautiful Salinas River, adjacent toone of the most exotic beaches of Lanzarote . The balcony, cobbled, is equipped with several tomavistas (the symbolic price of one euro) for searching in more detail the islands of Chinijo. The sturdy wooden arms separated from the vacuum. It is a safe area, but should be careful when you go to this resort with children.

Risco de Famara and La Graciosa from Mirador del Río

Outside you will notice that there is another terrace level. To access it will have to enter the main hall and climb a ladder flirty snail-shaped. On the second floor of the Mirador is a very elegant shop with typical products of the islands. And in the final stretch, third floor, a glass panel within a mound of badlands, invites you again to go outside to a terrace with panoramic double: south of the volcano of the Crown of the neighboring town of Ye and north, Chinijo and islands in all its dimensions.

The best time to visit Mirador del Río

The north of Lanzarote and specifically this dimension on which the Mirador del Río dawns cloudy normally sits. Discard the first hour to visit this resort apart from the last quarter of each year from September to December. Every noon, just before lunch, can be a good opportunity to face to enjoy their views, as usually clear skies.

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