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La Cueva de los Verdes

An underground journey through a volcanic tunnel of the Corona Volcano. A route to the bowels of the eruptive process millennia. The artistic worked Jesus Soto stuck to a measured play of light and shadow that illuminates a single stage.

The reliefs and textures of volcanic domes of the cave form a peculiar space. The contrast of scenic stretches about a kilometer through superimposed galleries, interconnected between them vertically.

La Cueva de los Verdes, located northeast of Lanzarote, is an underground journey through an extensive volcanic tube of the Corona Volcano (Ye). The immense Valley badlands from the northern town to the nearby coast is enriched by splashes of moss, green little flower that springs on the volcanic rock. A gorgeous landscape postcard.

Painting Cueva de los Verdes Jorge Marsa

Halfway between Corona and the sea is hidden this cave, a path in the bowels of the eruptive process about three thousand years ago majorero superbly conditioned by the artist Jesús Soto. The hand of the creator, essential to open the crossing to the general public, stuck to a measured play of light and shadow that illuminates a single stage. This same volcanic tube continues towards the coast seeing the light in another Lanzarote resort: Jameos del Agua. They go together as well as creations of art-nature of Soto and Cesar Manrique.

Spectacular photo of the inside of the Cueva de los Verdes work of Ramón Pérez Niz, Lanzarote

Historic Cave

The underground maze, hidden under tons of volcanic mantle, served as shelter for the local population during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A special time of insecurity faced with the continuous pirate attacks from the northern coast of Africa suffering Canarias. The winding galleries were erected in a safe place. According count during the tour, the clan of the Greens was a neighbor of this cave, hence its designation as Cueva de Los Verdes.

A major historical ties of this cavern joins its scientific value. The cave was transformed from the nineteenth century, European scientists must stop with geological formation. The particularities of the volcanic phenomenon of Natural Monument of the Badlands of the Crown, with the existence within it of sixteen jameos constituted a valuable object of study for the scientific community.

Adaptation of space as a resort in 1964 facilitates bringing this rich environment geological values. The artistic performance is cleverly integrated into the delicate landscape. The man's hand is mainly seen in the courtyard of access to the cave. The interior barely touched, limiting the intervention of Soto illuminate the path underground. A bet of lights and shadows where the reliefs and textures of the majestic volcanic domes of the cave are highlighted. The journey has soundtrack, a winding ambient sound that fits perfectly with the experience we are about to experience.

The route

The discovery of the Cueva de los Verdes has a lot of chilling adventure. Bridging the gap, one gets into the skin of caver, the curious who had no limits to explore the unknown. The guided route extends for forty-five minutes. Cross a kilometer of superimposed galleries and interconnected between them vertically. The contrast is unmatched scenic beauty.

The lava channels inside the Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote

The immense volcanic tunnel, also known as Tunnel de la Atlantida, in some places reaches fifty meters. It is the largest submarine volcanic tube of land, with 1,600 meters. The process of solidification of lava from the volcano Crown millennia has generated very peculiar shapes and contours. We watched a whimsical pot confluence lava channels with huge blocks dragged by volcanic stream of lava drops shaped stalactite, salt deposits, layers of solidified lava ...

The lighting designed by Soto highlights the rich color palette of the vaults of the cave.The red and ocher tones coexist in harmony. Different colorful are conditioned by the processes of oxidation of the lava flow or seepage of water from outside.

Shot by Francisco Perdomo Cejudo (engineer Montes) and Enrique M. Spinola (architect)

A halfway stumbled across the auditorium of the Cueva de los Verdes. This incredible room where they have developed classical and folk concerts has a huge sound. This cultural experience, underground, maintains a unique aura. Combine the route through the cave with attending a concert is advisable to one hundred percent.

Surprise temperature rise. Just before entering, one assumes that the humidity will be unpleasant. However, the cave, through drafts, stays around 20 degrees.

The best time to visit La Cueva de los Verdes

This resort gets a lot of visitors. If we are to meet in summer is best done early morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing a long time by the excessive burden of group tours that take place during peak hours of the day.

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