Playa Bajo El Risco

The bright fusion of blues, marine blue, and turquoise that is a characteristic of the waters here, captivate your attention. The sea which is always calm, invites you to take a lazy dip.

Las Conchas

Amazing beach of Las Conchas, north of La Graciosa, looking to the islets of Clara Mountain, Roque del Oeste and Alegranza (other islands of the Chinijo Archipelago).

Papagayo´s beach

Papagayo is a collection of clean perfect beaches with golden white sand that are very alluring. Its spacious coves are dispersed along the whole of the coast between small hills.


La Bohemia

Simple cuisine based on grilled meats that are served medium rare. Good atmosphere and reasonable prices are why La Bohemia in Costa Teguise is a successful restaurant.

El Risco

The restaurant has consolidated its modernizing bet Canarian cuisine achieving pescadito go beyond the back with potatoes and mojos.

Casa Brígida

Top quality products, freshly caught fish from the sea and a traditional Lanzarote culinary art go hand in hand en Casa Brigida.


The selection and treatment carnage restaurant itself guarantee the success of Bodega-La Cascada Port with a fresh dishes, clean layout giving center stage to the product.

César Manrique

La Cueva de los Verdes

An underground journey through a volcanic tunnel of the Corona Volcano. A route to the bowels of the eruptive process millennia.

Fundación César Manrique

The former residency of César Manrique sums up his expressive art-nature characteristics and where the traditional architecture of Lanzarote occupies a strategic place.

El Mirador del Río

A privileged place to watch Chinijo Archipelago, some islands, islets and rocks located one nautical mile northwest of Lanzarote.

Touring the island

Salinas de Janubio

One of the emblematic Lanzarote landscapes which stands out due to the impact of its natural volcanic stone construction alongside the old windmills and the salt which is produced from the maceration process in the salt pans.


The visit to Lagomar is a dazzling contemplative experience. It is an architectural intervention in the volcano of Nazareth, located in the geographic center of Lanzarote.

Mirador de Guinate

Is nestled in the Famara cliff, open to the landscape show that supposed to see the islands of Chinijo Archipelago lodges in the oceanic vastness.

Charco de San Ginés

The seafaring nature of Arrecife is mainly represented by El Charco de San Ginés. A riverfront which enters into the city.



Fotography´s Lanzarote, by Ramón Pérez Niz.

Nightfall in Puerto del Carmen.

Picture´s Lanzarote, by Jorge Marsá.

Famara forever

Fotography´s Lanzarote, by Dolmancé.

De Tapas

El Bocadito

Spanish cuisine mainly tapas based but with an additional assortment of more substantial dishes such as the black rice with cod and selected cuts of meat.

La Taberna de Nino

The laborious recipes of ‘tapas and pinchos’ are like a breath of fresh air in Puerto del Carmen: The cuisine is at the cutting edge and stands out due to its new ideas, the rich portions and its competitive price.

Qué Muac

The adaptation of culinary proposal has again put this gastronomic point as an ideal to top off your visit to the capital of Lanzarote.

Monumento al Campesino

Typical Lanzarote cuisine is found in the Monumento al Campesino restaurant in traditional surroundings. The superior quality of the restaurant stands out due to its traditional architectural design by César Manrique.


Short trail in Los Ajaches

There are those who say that the name “Ajaches” comes from the name of the noble aboriginal Hache, who contributed to the rapid defeat of the natives betraying his king Guadarfía.

The Ravens Volcano

Please, don’t walk out of the path.

Meliá Salinas

Meliá´s picture. In Costa Teguise. By Jorge Marsá.